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  • New World Record: Oversupply Of Coffee Beans Sends Global Prices Tumbling

    • Date: 10/07/19
    • City A.M.
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    So much coffee is now being produced in the world that global prices are crashing, according to new data. A record seasonal surplus of beans being produced pushed down coffee futures to their lowest levels in more than a decade during April, with a rise in demand for caffeinated drinks failing to stem the plummeting […]

  • Brazil Ships Record Amount Of Coffee With 2018-19 Crop

    • Date: 09/07/19
    • Reuters
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    Brazilian farmers shipped a record 37.12 million 60-kg (132-lb) bags of green coffee in the 2018-19 crop year ended in June, 38.1% more than the previous crop, as ample supplies from all-time high output boosted trade. According to a report from exporters association Cecafé released on Monday, June exports of green coffee totaled 2.58 million […]

  • Brazil Coffee Glut Causes Price Collapse

    • Date: 30/01/19
    • Financial Times
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    Record coffee output in Brazil drives down prices and piles pressure on farmers. Coffee growers in Guatemala have abandoned farms while Colombian farmers have turned to coca, which is processed into cocaine. All eyes in the coffee market are on Brazil, as record production levels have knocked global prices to near 12-year lows. Brazil produced an […]

  • Remember When Climate Change Meant The End Of Coffee? Never Mind

    • Date: 18/09/18
    • Alex Berezow, American Council of Science and Health
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    Don’t expect the media — or the scientists who make theses sorts of predictions — to apologize anytime soon. GWPF Climate Briefing: Roasting the Coffee Apocalypse For roughly the last two years, the media has been warning us that climate change is threatening the world’s supply of coffee beans. According to the hypothesis, growing conditions […]

  • Record Coffee Harvests Debunk Another Climate Scare

    • Date: 06/08/18
    • Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
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    Another busted warming scare – that global warming would wipe out many coffee growers. In fact, that it was destroying crops already.   2007: Global warming poses a threat to future world coffee crops with rising temperatures and drought likely to force some producers to seek higher and cooler land 2010: Global warming projections as […]

  • Wake Up, Climate Alarmists, And Smell The Coffee

    • Date: 07/10/17
    • Press Trust of India
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    Coffee output in India, Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter, is projected to be a record 3.50 lakh tonnes in the 2017-18 marketing year started this month on higher acreage, according to the Coffee Board. The final output stood lower by 10.34 per cent at 3.12 lakh tonnes in 2016-17 marketing year from 3.48 lakh tonnes […]

  • Climate Change Hits Coffee Yield? It’s A Load Of Froth, Say Scientists

    • Date: 24/10/16
    • Ben Webster, The Times
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    Climate change has been wrongly blamed for devastating coffee plantations, a study has found. Coffee leaf rust (CLR) caused coffee production in Colombia to fall by 40 per cent between 2008 and 2011. The decline was linked to the worst epidemic for several decades. A number of other coffee-producing countries in Central America and the […]

  • Roasting The Coffee Apocalypse

    • Date: 17/05/16
    • GWPF Climate Briefing
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    Concerns have emerged that climate change is causing a “Coffee Apocalypse.” But there are good reasons for being cautious about these predictions.

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