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  • Record Snowfall Across Himalayas Blamed On … Global Warming

    • Date: 19/03/19
    • GWPF & Press Trust of India
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    Last year scientists blamed global warming for decreasing snowfall in the Himalayas. This year record-breaking snowfall has been blamed on global warming. This ‘trend’ in increased snowfall is predicted to continue in coming years. In climate science, anything goes… No wonder the public is increasingly sceptical about these kind of knee-jerk claims and predictions. The […]

  • Good Snowfall Rejuvenates Himalayan Glaciers

    • Date: 06/12/12
    • Suresh Sharma, The Times of India
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    With high-altitude mountains in Himachal Pradesh experiencing up to 100 cm fresh snowfall in November month after 10 years, the abundance of snow on mountains has rejuvenated nearly one thousand Himalayan glaciers and has ensured uninterrupted supply of water for drinking, irrigation and hydel projects.  Astronauts on board the International Space Station recently took advantage […]

  • Himalayan Glacier Loss Is Due To Many Factors

    • Date: 21/06/19
    • Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor
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    In much of today’s environmental journalism reporters are too quick to attribute almost all changes to anthropogenic forcing. Many news outlets have reported the very interesting finding detailed in Science Advances that ice loss from Himalayan glaciers has doubled in the past 40 years. Using data from modern satellites and from declassified images taken by […]

  • Some Himalayan Glaciers Have Been Melting For 400 Years, Scientists Discover

    • Date: 13/09/17
    • Times of India
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    Global warming and climate change are serious issues that are drawing the attention of the world. However, the phenomenon of Himalayan glaciers melting is not a recent one. In fact, it has been happening for 400 years. It was during the Little Ice Age, a period of cold conditions from 1645 CE-1715 CE, that Arctic and sub-Arctic glaciers were […]

  • India: No Study Supports Global Warming Affecting Himalayas

    • Date: 07/08/15
    • Indo-Asian News Service
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    NEW DELHI:  No study has so far supported the theory that global warming was causing natural calamities in the Himalayan region, parliament was told on Thursday. “There is no study reported so far, which supports the fact that many type of instances similar to natural calamities are occurring in the Himalayan region due to global warming,” […]

  • Most Himalayan Glaciers Stable And In A Steady State, New Study

    • Date: 10/05/14
    • Current Science April 2014
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    The results of a new study show that most of  the two thousand Himalayan glaciers monitored are in a steady state compared to the results of other studies carried out for the period prior to 2001. Aerial view of several Himalayan glaciers. Bahuguna et al.: Are the Himalayan glaciers retreating?  Current Science April 2014 Abstract: The Himalayan mountain system […]

  • Melt Or Grow? Fate Of Himalayan Glaciers Unknown

    • Date: 25/04/12
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    Glacier scientists know very little about the state and the fate of the Hymalayan glaciers. The Himalayas are sometimes called the world’s “third pole” because they are covered with thousands of glaciers. Water from those glaciers helps feed some of the world’s most important rivers, including the Ganges and the Indus. And as those glaciers […]

  • Reality Check: Glaciers Of The Karakoram Himalaya

    • Date: 28/12/11
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    Since the late 1990s Karakoram Himalayan glaciers have stabilized and, in the high Karakoram, advanced while total snow cover has also been increasing in the high Karakoram. Reference Hewitt, K. 2011. Glacier change, concentration, and elevation effects in the Karakoram Himalaya, upper Indus Basin. Mountain Research and Development 31: 188-200. Background The author writes that “in […]

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