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  • Belgian Region To Block EU Green Deal

    • Date: 09/04/20
    • EUObserver & The Brussels Times
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    The EU’s Green Deal, a flagship project on CO2-neutrality, could be blocked by Flanders, a Belgian region, on grounds it did not address the pandemic-related economic crisis. “Flanders cannot give its agreement to the signature,” Zuhal Demir, the regional climate minister from the nationalist NVA party, said on Wednesday. Belgium is a federation of three […]

  • Eleven Million Jobs At Risk From EU Green Deal, Trade Unions Warn

    • Date: 11/03/20
    • EurActiv
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    The European Green Deal risks deepening economic and social divisions between east and western EU countries, trade unions say, warning the 27-member bloc risks imploding before it reaches its 2050 climate neutrality goal. Trade unions have stepped up warnings that the Green Deal put forward by the European Commission in December last year will put […]

  • Samuel Furfari: The EU’s Green Deal Has A Legal Problem

    • Date: 25/06/20
    • Samuel Furfari, European Scientist
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    The EU’s Green Deal seems to be in contradiction with the EU’s Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) Despite COVID-19, many in Brussels – including a green recovery alliance in the EU Parliament and 13 EU Environment Ministers – are pressuring the European Commission (EC) to pursue the rapid implementation of its Green Deal strategy. The EC’s vice-president is insisting […]

  • Europe’s Green Deal Is A Rotten Deal For Farmers

    • Date: 14/06/20
    • Marcus Holtkoetter, Farm Journal Ag Web
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    For farmers – and everybody – the European Green Deal is a rotten deal. The European Commission has a plan to eliminate modern farming in Europe. The details emerged last month, as part of a “European Green Deal” announced late last year that calls for the continent to become “climate neutral” by 2050. The commission […]

  • Europe’s Green Deal May Get Watered Down As Poorer Nations Lobby For Fossil Fuel Power

    • Date: 13/06/20
    • Euro News
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    At the end of May 2020, eight EU countries (Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece) started lobbying to retain EU funds for natural gas projects. They say that without natural gas, coal can’t be phased out in time to meet short and middle term climate targets. From this, environmental groups are […]

  • EU Faces Existential Crisis Between Green Deal And Survival

    • Date: 29/04/20
    • Voice of America
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    The coronavirus crisis risks becoming an existential crisis for the European Union, say diplomats and analysts, as the EU struggles to coordinate a financial response to the pandemic.  Last week, the EU’s national leaders struck an interim agreement on a recovery deal with an emergency fund of about $581 million (a half-billion euros), which the hardest hit member states can tap […]

  • It’s All Over For Europe’s Green Deal As Angela Merkel’s MEPs Say ‘It’s No Longer Viable’

    • Date: 24/04/20
    • Fokus Magazin
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    Berlin. Opposition to the EU’s Green Deal promoted by EU Commission leader Ursula von der Leyen is growing among Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU MEPs in the European Parliament.  The leader of the Parliamentary Party Markus Pieper told news magazine FOCUS: The Green Deal was a gigantic challenge for an economy in top shape. After the corona […]

  • EU May Shift Green Deal Funding Into ‘White Deal’ For Pandemic Healthcare Needs

    • Date: 22/04/20
    • Dave Keating, Forbes
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    EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has floated an idea: why not combine the green deal climate plan with a white deal for healthcare? As EU national leaders prepare for a crucial video summit tomorrow on how to respond to the economic crisis caused by Coronavirus, about half the member countries are insisting that […]

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