• The 2020 Annual GWPF Lecture – Professor Frank Furedi

    • Date: 16/12/20
    • The Global Warming Policy Foundation
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    Narratives of Existential Threats in the Climate and Covid Era Frank Furedi is a sociologist and social commentator. He is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Since the late 1990s, Frank has been widely cited about his views on why Western societies find it so difficult to engage with risk […]

  • Mexico Stops Renewable Energy Projects

    • Date: 09/05/20
    • OilPrice.com
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    It sounds like a news report out of yet another dystopian novel: Mexico is halting grid connection for new solar and wind power projects. In a world rushing to produce clean energy, Mexico has suddenly stood out like a sore thumb. But, as usual, there’s more to the story. The country’s National Energy Control Center, […]

  • Meet The 19-Year-Old ‘Anti-Greta’, Who Warns Thunberg’s ‘Alarmism’ Must Be Stopped

    • Date: 02/03/20
    • The Sunday Telegraph
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    Noami Seibt agrees that human activity is a factor in global warming, but believes that impact has been overstated. She rejects the notion that she’s a climate change denier, saying critics use the label as “a way to shut down people on the other side”. With her slight frame, long blonde hair and converse trainers, […]

  • Australian PM Threatens To Outlaw Radical Climate Protests That Threaten The Economy

    • Date: 02/11/19
    • Deutsche Welle
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    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday threatened to outlaw climate protests, accusing them of increasingly disrupting the country’s lucrative mining industry. The conservative head of Australia’s government has described climate protesters as a “new breed of radical activism.” Critics have accused Scott Morrison of trying to weaken fundamental rights in the country. “We are working […]

  • Miranda Devine: Eco Madness May Be The Reason For Disastrous Boeing 737 MAX Crash

    • Date: 24/10/19
    • Miranda Devine, New York Post
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    We need to know if safety considerations at Boeing took a back seat to producing a climate-friendly plane.  When Swedish eco-pessimist Greta Thunberg came to New York to shout, “How dare you!” last month, she maintained her climate purity by traveling on a carbon-neutral, solar-powered yacht. Now that she’s in Canada, the teen doomsayer hasn’t explained how […]

  • Facebook’s False Fact Check

    • Date: 23/10/19
    • BicPicNews.com
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    There’s no guarantee scientific research is credible or accurate just because it has been peer-reviewed. Why is Facebook promoting this lie? Much of what we read, online and elsewhere, is incorrect. That’s life. But Facebook, a platform that helps people socialize, thinks it’s in the business of setting the record straight. It calls this process […]

  • Sea-Level Rise from Antarctic Ice Shelves Might Be Overestimated, Study Finds

    • Date: 22/10/19
    • Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), MIT
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    Study finds even the tallest ice cliffs should support their own weight rather than collapsing catastrophically. Antarctica’s ice sheet spans close to twice the area of the contiguous United States, and its land boundary is buttressed by massive, floating ice shelves extending hundreds of miles out over the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean. When […]

  • Great Barrier Reef In Good Shape, Has ‘Vibrant Future’, Reef Authority Says

    • Date: 22/10/19
    • The Australian
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    The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has supported Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s appraisal that the reef is “good” and has “a vibrant future”. A Senate estimates committee hearing on Monday heard a downgrading of the reef condition from poor to very poor was a long-term forecast based on no action being taken on climate […]

  • Brexit Is Delaying Global Action To Fight Climate Change

    • Date: 21/10/19
    • Forbes.com
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    It looks like that the EU’s December summit will be overtaken by Brexit – pushing adoption of its 2050 climate plan into 2020, and maybe even beyond.  In June, European prime ministers meeting in Brussels were unable to agree on an EU proposal to completely decarbonize by 2050. Poland, with the backing of a few other Eastern […]

  • This Rebellion Risks Its Own Extinction

    • Date: 20/10/19
    • The Times
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    There comes a moment for every protest movement when, instead of carrying the public with them, they alienate those that they are trying to persuade. For the climate protesters of Extinction Rebellion (XR), that moment may have been reached when it targeted three east London Tube stations, Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell, during Thursday morning’s […]

  • Nic Lewis Exposes Statistical Errors In Yet Another Climate Paper

    • Date: 19/10/19
    • Climate Audit
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    “It is a little depressing that after many years of being criticised for their insufficiently good understanding of statistics and lack of close engagement with the statistical community, the climate science community appears still not to have solved this issue.” The recently published open-access paper “How accurately can the climate sensitivity to CO2 be estimated from historical […]

  • Forget Paris: Russia Rejects Climate Change Plan After Business Uproar

    • Date: 18/10/19
    • The Moscow Times
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    Russia’s largest companies have killed off plans to introduce individual emissions quotas and a carbon trading system.  The Russian government has drastically watered-down its new package of climate change legislation after push-back from the country’s leading businesses, the Kommersant business daily reported. Plans for quotas on carbon emissions at Russia’s largest companies, a new national carbon […]

  • Heinz Schmid: Why the Swiss people rejected the new climate law

    • Date: 14/06/21
    • Heinz Schmid, Switzerland
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    Good news: The Swiss people have rejected the CO2 law in the referendum on Sunday, with 51.6% of voters saying no to the proposed carbon taxes. Thus the CO2 law will not come into effect. Only two cantons accepted the law, Vaud and Zurich. Like many other types of left/green laws there was a clear […]

  • China rolls back climate efforts after economic officials prioritise growth

    • Date: 14/06/21
    • The Wall Street Journal
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    Chinese authorities have limited the scope of a carbon-trading scheme as driving growth takes priority Behind the scenes, economic planners had weakened provisions of the scheme, fearing the potential impact on growth, according to people familiar with the matter. […] Rather than giving priority to the reining in of fossil-fuel consumption now, officials at the […]

  • Swiss court rejects ’emergency’ appeal by climate activists

    • Date: 14/06/21
    • Reuters
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    Switzerland’s highest court has rejected an appeal by 12 climate activists convicted of trespassing at a Credit Suisse bank branch, dismissing their argument that they had taken emergency action for a just cause. The Federal Court verdict is another setback for environmentalists hoping to win backing for the campaign, which had a surprise victory last […]

  • Climate referendum: Swiss reject higher carbon taxes

    • Date: 13/06/21
    • Swiss Info
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    Swiss voters have rejected legislation at the heart of the country’s strategy to abide by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The CO2 law was turned down on Sunday by 51.6% of voters. The negative outcome represents a major upset in the tiny nation that is disproportionately affected by climate change. Switzerland’s temperatures are rising at about twice […]

  • Green activists furious as climate billions could be slashed to rescue Biden’s infrastructure package

    • Date: 12/06/21
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    A group of bipartisan senators are attempting to hammer out an infrastructure agreement after talks between Senate Republicans and the White House collapsed earlier this week — but some progressives are warning against an infrastructure package without climate change provisions.   “No climate, no deal,” tweeted Sen. Ed Markey (D., Mass.) on Thursday.  Rep. Petter Meijer […]

  • Solar panels ‘chronically underperforming’ and degrading faster than anticipated

    • Date: 12/06/21
    • PV Tech
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    Solar asset underperformance continues to worsen, with projects “chronically underperforming” P99 estimates and modules degrading faster than previously anticipated, risk management firm kWh Analytics has found. kWh Analytics’ new Solar Risk Assessment, released this week, pulls together a raft of industry experts to assess the greatest risks to the global solar industry and has identified […]

  • Patrick Michaels: The death spiral of American academia

    • Date: 11/06/21
    • Patrick J Michaels, Climate Etc.
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    In the academy the free interchange of competing ideas creates knowledge through cooperation, disagreement, debate, and dissent. Kaufmann’s landmark study proves that the last three in that list are severely suppressed and punished. The pervasiveness of such repression may be a death sentence for science, free inquiry, and the advancement of knowledge in our universities. […]

  • Joe Biden’s energy gift to dictators

    • Date: 10/06/21
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal
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    China, Russia and Iran will exploit the U.S. retreat on fossil fuels. The U.S. is barreling toward one of the greatest self-inflicted wounds in its history. This came into sharper focus last week when President Biden suspended oil leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), even as Russia and the Organization of the Petroleum […]

  • The truth behind the Government’s latest light bulbs ban

    • Date: 09/06/21
    • Global Warming Policy Forum
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    The truth is that the UK government’s track record on lighting policy is a scandal. The UK government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is today cynically trying to take credit for the spontaneous market innovation of LEDs by needlessly banning halogen and fluorescent bulbs. The truth is that the UK government’s track […]

  • Former COP26 chief says there is ‘question mark’ over UN climate summit taking place

    • Date: 08/06/21
    • The Herald
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    THE COP26 climate change conference due to take place in Glasgow in November may not go ahead because of a lack of progress in lead-up talks, its former chief has said. Claire O’Neill said there was now a “question mark” over whether the two-week event at the SEC would take place as planned or be delayed. She […]

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