Theresa May Poised To Form Minority Government With DUP Backing

  • Date: 09/06/17
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Prospect of slim majority fuels concerns about DUP’s stance on climate action and Brexit

Theresa May is reportedly preparing to seek permission to form a minority government, after securing the backing of Northern Ireland’s DUP.

With only one seat still to declare the Conservative’s fell short of a majority with 318 seats. However, the DUP secured 10 seats, meaning they could give the Conservative’s a majority of two.

The BBC reported May will travel to Buckingham Palace at 12:30 today to request permission to form a government. It is understood there will not be a formal coalition, but the Conservatives have secured the support of the DUP for a minority administration.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this morning called on Theresa May to resign, saying the party was “ready to serve” at the head of an alliance of progressive parties.

The decision to form a minority government will hand significant influence to the DUP and any Conservative rebels from either wing of the party who oppose the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans.

There will be particular concern amongst green groups about the DUP’s record on environmental issues and climate change.

The party once appointed a climate sceptic as environment minister in Northern Ireland’s Assembly and this year’s manifesto made no mention of climate change or clean energy. […]

However, there are also hopes a hung parliament provides an opportunity for a cross bench coalition on climate and energy issues. “There is allignment on climate and energy issues across major party manifestos,” our source continued. “The electorate is clearly divided, and not along party lines, so it’s really important that we all grow up and all work together on certain issues, and the green economy is one of those.”

The prospect of a minority government will also prompt widespread questions about the feasibility of the Conservative Party’s green plans and proposed energy reforms.

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