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  • Are The Oceans Really Dying?

    • Date: 17/02/15
    • Ivo Vegter, Daily Maverick
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    Whenever environmental doomsayers run out of arguments, they turn to the sea for hope – or rather, fear. Fish stocks are collapsing, and if climate change doesn’t get us, ocean acidification will. But how true are these claims? It may not surprise you to learn that I have a lot of conversations about the supposedly […]

  • Spiegel Analysis: ‘The IPCC Puts Alarmism Before Accuracy’

    • Date: 08/11/14
    • Axel Bojanowski, Spiegel Online
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    Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by half by 2050, the IPCC warns in its latest synthesis report. The document should be based on sober research – but it covers up central contradictions.  Under huge attention from the global media, the IPCC has published three comprehensive reports in the last 13 months, which set out […]

  • Global Warming May Not Swamp Islands

    • Date: 01/08/14
    • Science News
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    In an interview with CNN last month, Anote Tong, the president of Kiribati, insisted that rising sea levels due to global warming will mean “total annihilation” for this nation of 33 coral islands in the Central Pacific and for other atoll island nations like Tuvalu and the Maldives. In May, Kiribati bought 22 square kilometers […]

  • Climate Change Wrongly Blamed For Reef Death In The Caribbean

    • Date: 03/07/14
    • Ben Webster, The Times
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    Action to save coral reefs in the Caribbean has been delayed by the misapprehension that climate change is the primary cause of their decline, a leading scientist said. The main reasons why the area covered by live coral has more than halved since the 1970s are overfishing and coastal pollution, according to Carl Gustaf Lundin, […]

  • Matt Ridley: The IPCC Just Agreed With Nigel Lawson

    • Date: 03/04/14
    • Matt Ridley, The Spectator
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    Nigel Lawson was right after all. Climate change is now a question of adaptation. And it’s not as frightening a question as you might think Nigel Lawson was right after all. Ever since the Centre for Policy Studies lecture in 2006 that launched the former chancellor on his late career as a critic of global warming […]

  • James Lovelock: Environmentalism Has Become A Religion

    • Date: 30/03/14
    • Adam Vaughan, The Guardian
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    Scientist behind the Gaia hypothesis says environment movement does not pay enough attention to facts and he was too certain in the past about rising temperatures. Scientist and Inventor James Lovelock Photograph: George W. Wright/CORBIS Environmentalism has “become a religion” and does not pay enough attention to facts, according to James Lovelock. The 94 year-old […]

  • IPCC Under Pressure As Governments Demand Sterner Warnings On GDP Losses

    • Date: 28/03/14
    • Alister Doyle, Reuters
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    Many governments want sterner warnings of probable economic damage from global warming in a draft U.N. report due on Monday, saying that existing estimates of trillions of dollars in losses are only part of the picture. A final draft before talks this week among governments and scientists in Japan projected that warming would cut economic […]

  • Richard Tol Pulls Out, Says IPCC Draft Report Alarmist

    • Date: 27/03/14
    • Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times
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    One of the authors of a U.N. draft report on climate change pulled out of the writing team, saying his colleagues were issuing unfounded “alarmist” claims at the expense of real solutions. “The drafts became too alarmist,” said Richard Tol, a Dutch professor of economics at Sussex University in England, to Reuters. Mr. Tol was […]

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