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  • Saving The Economic Recovery From The Greens

    • Date: 20/04/20
    • John O'Sullivan, The Pipeline
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    Sensing a danger that the EU might soften its flagship Green Deal in order to revive European economies, environmental pressure groups have begun to make the case that restoring prosperity comes second to moving to the new green economy. [ …] Those working on post-pandemic recovery policies have adopted a second aim which greatly complicates […]

  • We Must Not Let Green Extremists Exploit the Coronacrisis

    • Date: 07/04/20
    • Harry Wilkinson, Free Market Conservatives
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    For years, we have been warned that a catastrophic environmental crisis is on its way – whilst living in a world that is uncertain about what a real global crisis looks like. Well, now we know. The coronavirus pandemic is horribly real. We need to learn the right lessons from how we manage it, and […]

  • German Car Industry Calls On EU To Drop Tighter CO2 Emission Targets

    • Date: 03/04/20
    • GWPF & Clean Energy Wire & The Local
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    The German car industry is calling for stricter EU climate requirements to be overturned or to be delayed as car sales plummet to lowest level in nearly three decades. The German car industry has urged the government to back them in efforts to make the European Union drop a planned tightening of emission limits on […]

  • Despite Existential Crisis, EU Bureaucrats Press On With 2030 Climate Agenda

    • Date: 01/04/20
    • Reuters
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    (Reuters) – The EU executive kick-started its plan to set a tougher 2030 emissions target on Tuesday, a move that could help maintain the bloc’s focus on climate change despite pressure to soften its green ambitions in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The European Commission began a public consultation to gather views until June 23 […]

  • Goodbye, Green New Deal

    • Date: 29/03/20
    • Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
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    What will happen next with the coronavirus epidemic is unknown, but it seems certain to claim one very high-profile victim: the so-called Green New Deal. Good riddance. The current crisis in the U.S. economy is, in miniature but concentrated form, precisely what the Left has in mind in response to climate change: shutting down large sectors […]

  • Furious MEP Erupts At EU For Being ‘Too Focused On Climate Change’ To Tackle Coronavirus

    • Date: 29/03/20
    • Daily Express
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    A furious Dutch MEP has scolded European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for acting “too little, too late” in the fight against the coronavirus. Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink said that the coronavirus crisis wreaking havoc across the European Union showed the bloc’s weaknesses. In a furious rant against the EU’s response, Mr Eppink […]

  • We Mustn’t Let Green Lobbyists Use Coronavirus To Turn Us Back Into the ‘Sick Man of Europe’

    • Date: 24/03/20
    • Harry Wilkinson, Global Vision
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    As politicians eventually move on to the task of rebuilding after this crisis, it is crucial that their efforts do not become hijacked by a pernicious form of green wishful thinking. In response to the unfolding coronavirus crisis, many commentators have been making bold statements about what consequences it might or even should have for […]

  • Is This What A Green World Would Look Like?

    • Date: 13/03/20
    • Stephen Pollard, Unherd
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    There is one group — an influential group, whose influence is ever-growing — for whom a shutdown (albeit not one caused by a pandemic) is not a disaster but a first order policy goal. It’s chilling enough hearing the medical forecasts for the impact of coronavirus. But the economic forecasts are almost as worrying. Many […]

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