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  • EU Commission Under Fire For Including ‘Accounting Tricks In 2030 Climate Goals

    • Date: 18/09/20
    • EurActiv
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    Environmental campaign groups denounced the EU Commission’s plan to include carbon sinks in the EU’s climate target, saying this was “an accounting trick” to meet the 2030 goals. The European Commission on Thursday defended its plan to bring carbon removals from agriculture, land use and forestry into the EU’s updated climate target for 2030, saying […]

  • Radical New Climate Targets Will Save EU Economy, Timmermans Claims

    • Date: 02/09/20
    • EurActiv
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    The European Commission will table proposals next month to raise the EU’s climate target for 2030, amid warnings from Eastern countries to safeguard jobs and growth from the coronavirus fallout. If the European Green Deal made economic sense before the COVID-19 crisis, “it makes even more sense now” because it will help reboot the economy, […]

  • Ross McKitrick: Save The Economy, Ditch The ‘Green Recovery’ Plans

    • Date: 20/08/20
    • Ross McKitrick, Financial Post
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    Green technologies that were known money-losers before the pandemic are still money-losers today There’s a curious idea floating around that the COVID crisis undid the principles of economics. Nobody puts it exactly like that, but it’s implied in the various proposals for restructuring the post-pandemic economy so that it will look very different from the […]

  • European Parliament Rejects EU Recovery Plan Over Cuts To Climate Funding

    • Date: 24/07/20
    • EurActiv
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    The European Parliament rejected on Thursday (23 July) the hard-won decisions of the EU Council. MEPs criticised, among other things, cuts to climate programmes and voiced fear that billions of euros could fall into the wrong hands.  The Parliament rejected the Council’s decision on the multiannual budget (MFF) and recovery plan by a clear majority. MEPs called […]

  • EU Leaders Slash Climate Funding To Save Coronavirus Recovery Plan

    • Date: 21/07/20
    • GWPF News
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    After four days of bitter wrangling, EU leaders have struck a deal on a coronavirus recovery package after they agreed to cut climate funding by more than half. According to Reuters, the Just Transition Fund (which intends to wean member states of using fossil fuels) will only receive 17.5 billion euros from the EU recovery […]

  • Europe’s ‘Green Recovery’ In Disarray

    • Date: 20/07/20
    • The Times
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    In May, the European Commission published its proposal for a €750 billion Green Deal which promised to boost economic growth, create millions of new jobs and save the planet. Yet at their current meeting, EU leader are struggling to save their green recovery plan. When she presented the Green Deal, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen claimed that […]

  • Coronavirus Derails EU’s Climate Focus

    • Date: 05/07/20
    • EUobserver
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    Germany’s EU presidency faces staunch opposition to climate protection measures. Expectations for climate protection were heaped onto 2020. The Paris Climate Convention means that Germany and its fellow signatories must sign up for higher climate targets before the year end. The EU’s Green Deal, a package of pro-climate measures, is on the drawing board. Against this […]

  • Corona Crisis: UN Delays Green Deal For Aviation

    • Date: 01/07/20
    • New Scientist
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    A landmark deal curbing the impact of aviation on climate change was watered down at a United Nations (UN) meeting yesterday, meaning airlines likely will not have to start offsetting their growing carbon emissions for several years later than planned. Four years ago, 191 countries agreed for the first time to tackle aviation’s fast-growing carbon footprint by making the […]

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