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  • Clive James: Climate Alarmists Won’t Admit They Are Wrong

    • Date: 04/06/17
    • Clive James, The Australian
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    When you tell people once too often that the missing extra heat is hiding in the ocean, they will switch over to watch Game of Thrones, where the dialogue is less ridiculous and all the threats come true. The proponents of man-made climate catastrophe asked us for so many leaps of faith that they were […]

  • Should Consumers and Taxpayers Fund Energy R&D?

    • Date: 05/05/17
    • Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor
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    The now widely recognised failure of the Carbon Capture and Storage competition, and the lacklustre performance of other R&D efforts, such as the consumer-funded Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCNF) administered by Ofgem, suggest that even arms length government funding invention and innovation is sub-optimal and may even be counterproductive. Carbon taxation, income support subsidies, and […]

  • Matt Ridley: Innovation And Its Enemies

    • Date: 08/08/16
    • Matt Ridley, The Times
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    The prime minister is to announce today that she would like to redirect some of the future profits of shale gas production to households, rather than councils. This is eminently sensible. It gives local people a stake in the new technology; it recognises that innovation will only be accepted in society when its social effects […]

  • Climategate University: Britain’s Crackpot Campus That’s Banned Sugar, Hats And Rugby

    • Date: 21/05/16
    • Greg Hurst, The Times
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    First they came for the bags of sugar, removing them from the campus shop. Then they blocked Six Nations rugby matches from being screened in the student union bar. After that coffee was targeted: Starbucks and Nestlé were subject to campus boycotts. Sombreros were next; handing out the hats at a freshers’ fair was deemed […]

  • Time To Panic: The World Is Running Out Of [Fill In The Blank]

    • Date: 17/04/16
    • Jason Kirby, Macleans
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    What explains our insatiable appetite for stories about shortages? Ever since Thomas Malthus warned of imminent food shortages and mass starvation in 1779, the spectre of a Malthusian resource catastrophe has resurfaced among each new generation of pessimists. In case you missed it, the world is on the cusp of a pencil crayon shortage. As the […]

  • Democratic Attorneys General Refuse To Join Rockefeller-Backed Climate Investigation

    • Date: 30/03/16
    • Steve Everley, Energy Indepth
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    A press conference today featuring Al Gore and more than a dozen state attorneys general was expected to reveal new state-level investigations of U.S. energy companies regarding climate change. But the vast majority of AGs standing on stage refused to join such an effort, signaling a lack of interest in wasting their own states’ resources. […]

  • Will La Niña Take El Niño’s Place In The Pacific?

    • Date: 27/01/16
    • The Weather Network
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    People all over the world are keeping a very close eye on how this historic El Niño evolves during the next few months. We know from previous ocean monitoring that the end of El Niño is often followed by the reversal of the phenomenon, known as La Niña, although that is not always the case. Many years […]

  • Will DECC Be Closed Down?

    • Date: 17/08/15
    • Isabel Hardman, The Spectator
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    Government departments have started to prepare their staff for job losses ahead of this autumn’s spending review, Coffee House has learned. George Osborne wants ministers to cut as much as 40 per cent from unprotected spending pots, which means that departments are likely to shed staff – or even close. The Energy and Climate Change […]

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