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  • Why Are So Many Scientific Studies Flawed And Poorly Understood?

    • Date: 13/12/17
    • Henry Miller, S. Stanley Young | Genetic Literacy Project |
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    Flawed, misleading research is costly to society because much of it is the result of poorly spent government funding, and it often gives rise to unwise regulation. Should we believe the USA Today headline, “Drinking four cups of coffee daily lowers risk of death”?  And what should we make of, “Mouthwash May Trigger Diabetes. . .”?  Should […]

  • Glyphosate in the Age of Stupid

    • Date: 25/10/17
    • Risk Monger
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    We are living in the Age of Stupid. Social media has built walls around communities of shared ideals (tribes) that confirm people’s thinking and attack, ban or systematically repudiate people with differing ideas. The EU glyphosate debate has become absurd and beyond any rational perspective. I keep having to remind myself of some basic points: Glyphosate […]

  • Matt Ridley: War Against Chemicals Is A Shame On Science

    • Date: 23/10/17
    • Matt Ridley, The Times
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    The glyphosate story is a scandal, of the kind that would be front-page news if it happened in industry, rather than a branch of WHO. But the BBC has not covered the Reuters story. Bad news is always more newsworthy than good. The widely reported finding that insect abundance is down by 75 per cent […]

  • Warren Buffett Bets On The Fossil-Fuel Highway

    • Date: 08/10/17
    • Holman W. Jenkins, Jr, The Wall Street Journal
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    The sage of Omaha knows a policy bubble when he sees it—and electric vehicles are a prime case. A sucker is born every minute, and Warren Buffett just proved it. He agreed to spend an undisclosed sum of his shareholders’ money to buy a controlling stake in Pilot Flying J, the truck-stop chain that sells […]

  • Climate-Chocolate Scare Melting Away: Ivory Coast Produces Record Cocoa Crop

    • Date: 07/10/17
    • AFP
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    The cocoa crop of Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest producer, increased 28.5 percent to a record 2.15 million tonnes in the 2016-17 season, the national Coffee and Cocoa Council said Friday. Prices are falling due to overproduction. Exports increased by 23.3 percent to 1.9 million tonnes, helping to raise the overall gross income of the […]

  • Fracking Could Begin In London After Shale Discovery Claim

    • Date: 11/07/17
    • London Evening News
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    An energy company today claimed to have identified natural gas “worth millions” under an industrial estate in London, raising the prospect of the capital’s first fracking operation. London Local Energy believes there are oil and gas deposits below Artesian Close Industrial Estate in Willesden. It now wants a Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence from regulator the Oil […]

  • As Pacific Ocean Cools, El Nino Is Cancelled

    • Date: 22/06/17
    • Bloomberg
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    The chances of El Nino making a comeback this year are getting close to nada. All eight climate models surveyed by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology suggest tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures are likely to remain neutral for the second half, it said on its website on Tuesday. That reverses a June 6 report that showed four […]

  • David Gelernter: The Closing Of The Scientific Mind

    • Date: 13/06/17
    • David Gelernter, Science Matters
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    That science should face crises in the early 21st century is inevitable. Power corrupts, and science today is the Catholic Church around the start of the 16th century: used to having its own way and dealing with heretics by excommunication, not argument. The Closing of the Scientific Mind is a plea for scientists to celebrate […]

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