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  • Matt Ridley: The Climate Blame Game

    • Date: 14/04/10
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    A scientist does a study of how Arctic seabirds die. It’s not a bad idea: die they do, but not from the usual diseases and predators that kill birds in more temperate zones. So what does kill them? He pores over thousands of records from birdwatchers in the Arctic and concludes that weather-related events kill a […]

  • Why Green Labour Is Losing the North

    • Date: 12/12/09
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    The Times: Forget the polar bears. The true endangered species is the solvent Northerner, and it’s Southern eco-vanity that’s killing him. For many years whenever I returned to the North, it was my dietary needs that exposed me as a Southern ponce. My rampant coffee snobbery; liking my veg “al dente”, not boiled to buggery; […]

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