Germany’s CO2 Emissions Keep Rising

  • Date: 30/09/14
  • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

In Germany, supposedly the shining example we should all look up to, CO2 emissions have actually increased since 2009.

discussed the latest CO2 emissions numbers for 2013 yesterday. It is worth looking at the figures for the EU in greater detail.

I have shown below the changes since 2009. (Figures are million tonnes carbon, as used by CDIAC).

2009 2013 % Change
UK 130 126 -4
Germany 200 207 4
France 97 94 -3
Italy 110 96 -13
Spain 79 65 -18
Rest 374 363 -3
EU28 Total 990 951 -4



The large reductions in Spain and Italy appear to reflect the drastic economic contraction in those countries. Otherwise little seems to have changed, despite much huffing and puffing, targets, directives, climate change acts, renewable subsidies and higher energy bills.

In Germany, supposedly the shining example we should all look up to, emissions have actually increased. And this is all before most of their new generation of coal fired power stations get going, which will be capable of contributing 19% of Germany’s electricity.

Meanwhile, according to data from the World Coal Association, Germany’s consumption of coal, for all purposes, has increased by 5% since 2011, most of this being dirty brown coal.

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