Germany’s Electric Car Policy Puts ‘More Than 400,000 Jobs At Risk’

  • Date: 14/01/20

The conversion to electric cars could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in Germany by 2030, according to a government study. However, the car industry has slammed this forecast.

Rise of e-mobility in Germany puts 'more than 400,000 jobs at risk'

The switch to electromobility could result in serious job losses in Germany’s auto industry, a new study has found. 

In the production of engines and gearboxes alone, up to 88,000 jobs could be cut, according to research by the National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM) for the German government, reported newspaper Handelsblatt on Monday.

In total, the NPM working group, chaired by the head of union IG Metall Jörg Hofmann, believes 410,000 jobs are at risk of being slashed in Germany by the end of the decade. 

The results of the report are to be presented on Monday, two days before a car summit.

To ensure that job losses are kept to a minimum, the NPM working group has called on companies to carry out strategic personnel planning. They also urged for regional qualification centres to be set up, while the employment agency, training providers and companies should work together to stem losses.

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