Everything You Have Read About Melting Greenland Is Wrong

  • Date: 12/07/17
  • P. Gosselin, No Tricks Zone

In Greenland July this year has been the coldest ever. It  has left climate catastrophists struggling to explain it. The ice cover has grown strongly over almost all of Greenland.”

We have all heard about the record breaking ice mass balance and cold temperature reading of -33°C recently being set in Greenland, the Arctic island that is the supposedly the canary in the climate coal mine.

It turns out that things are colder than we would be led to believe and that warming there is fiction.

Struggling to explain

The Swiss online Baseler Zeitung (BAZ) here reports: “In Greenland July this year has been the coldest ever. That has left climate catastrophists struggling to explain it.

Citing the Danish Meteorological Institute, the BAZ comments that the -33°C reading earlier this month was “the coldest July temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere”, smashing the previous record of 30.7°C.

Expanding ice mass, media ignore

The BAZ adds that also the “ice cover has grown strongly over almost all of Greenland“.

The Switzerland-based daily also writes that “most journalists and media leaders are active or passive members of the green-socialist Climate Church and the new religion of the post-Christian western world” who acknowledge only things that fit their world narrative, and that likely explains why there’s been no word about the record cold in Greenland. Why? The BAZ comments:

“It casts the central prophesy of a continuous and ultimately lethal global warming, for which we are ourselves to blame, into question.”

Greenland has been cooling

Recently NTZ reported here that Greenland in fact has been cooling over the past decade, as three recent studies alarmingly show.

Greenland’s temperatures headed in the wrong direction, defying climate model projections. Underlying chart source: Kobashi et al., 2017.

According to a new study published in May of this year by a team led by Takuro Kobashi of the University of Bern, mean annual temperatures at the summit of Greenland have been showing “a slightly decreasing trend in accordance with northern North Atlantic-wide cooling“. See chart above.

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