Deadlock over EU stand on climate pact; India defers draft release

  • Date: 13/12/09

The Economic Times: Even as work progressed on formulating a BASIC text which incorporates the African viewpoint, India and other developing countries have decided to hold off releasing their version of the agreement.

However, it will not make its plans public as it does not want to be labeled an obstructionist.

This decision comes at a time when the climate negotiations appear to have reached a cul de sac with the European Union making it clear that it will not accept any differentiation among the developed countries.

A stance is directed at the US, which is not bound by the Kyoto Protocol like other developed countries.

Adding to this impasse, is the head off between China and the US, the latter holds that an agreement that doesn’t bind China to international emission targets would be meaningless. The disagreement between the small island states and the G-77 is yet to be resolved, efforts are on to arrive at some kind of understanding.

At the informal ministerial that began on Saturday and will continue till Sunday afternoon, India will put forward its objections to the draft UN text.

India has serious disagreement with the draft on three major points, which include a peaking year, a global emission target and a review of “adequacy of actions”.

A peaking year for emissions has been opposed by India. Minister of environment Jairam Ramesh made it clear that there was no way that India would accept a peaking year, neityher would it accept a global goal for emission reduction if it doesn’t make make clear what the equitable burden sharing will be.

India also finds unacceptable the suggestion that there would be a comprehensive review in 2016 of the “adequacy of commitments and actions” taken for the reduction of global emissions. The draft UN text suggests that the review will include all countries.

This is the thin end of the wedge as far as India is concerned. “It would mean monitoring and verification of all actions. This is not acceptable. We will not submit our domestic unsupported action for verification,” a senior member of the Indian team said.

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