Deadlock: Binding Climate Pact Unlikely In Near Future

  • Date: 13/12/09

The Times of India: Unless Europe and the US have a Plan B, the stage is now set for a watered-down agreement at the end of Copenhagen talks.

As the ministers from around the world got together for the first time, the public outlining of the non-negotiable red lines by key countries — China, US, European Union and India — left no space for an ambitious deal to be chiselled in the week left.

The draft texts, prepared by the chairs of negotiation process, contain two major blockades to not just an ambitious deal at Copenhagen, but even to such a pact in near future.

Both the European demand that emerging economies peak their greenhouse gas emissions in near future and US demand that emerging economies permit international scrutiny of domestic actions, are now embedded in new proposals that 192 countries at the summit have to decide upon, besides dozens of others.

India and China have gone public against these proposals and declared them as non-negotiables but the US and Europe, without offering their own targets for finance or GHG mitigation, have stuck to their demands upon emerging economies.

On Saturday morning, the situation only worsened with US, Japan and Australia going all out to even trash the new texts and demanding that work be done only on a new single legal treaty and that the Kyoto Protocol talks be killed.

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