• Cost Of ‘Net Zero’ Will Be Astronomical, New Reports Warn

    • Date: 24/02/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Price will top £100,000 per household The cost of reaching the government’s “Net Zero” target will be astronomical for the UK economy. That’s according to analysis by two new reports published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. The reports find that decarbonising the electricity system and domestic housing in the next three decades will cost […]

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  • Britons Furious As Coal And Wood Fires To Be Banned

    • Date: 22/02/20
    • Daily Express

    Furious Britons have condemned the Government for its latest environmental initiative that will see homeowners banned from using the most pollutant fuels on their open fires, wood burners and stoves.  Under new plans rolled out by Environment Secretary George Eustice sales of house coal and wet wood will be phased out in England from 2021. […]

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  • The Fightback Begins: Tory MPs Threaten To Rebel If Fuel Duty Is Raised In The Budget, Warning It Would Hurt Northern Voters

    • Date: 21/02/20
    • Daily Mail

    Tory MPs have vowed to battle any move to increase fuel duty for 37 million hard-pressed motorists in next month’s Budget. Reports suggested new Chancellor Rishi Sunak might contemplate a 2p per litre rise in line with inflation, the first increase in a decade.  The move, said to have originated with No 10 chief aide […]

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  • Cummings Pushes To Hike Fuel Duty ‘So That Boris Will Look Good For UN Climate Conference’

    • Date: 20/02/20
    • The Sun

    “Cummings was pushing Sajid to put up fuel duty, so the PM will look good for the climate conference we’re hosting.” Britain’s 37million drivers could face the first fuel duty rise in a decade next month. They may be targeted in the Budget as Boris Johnson’s all- powerful adviser Dominic Cummings eyes up a £4billion […]

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  • Flooding Exposes Folly of Misbalanced UK Climate Policies

    • Date: 18/02/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 18 February: In view of the habitual failure of UK governments to prevent and alleviate significant flooding events the Global Warming Policy Forum is calling for a radical rebalancing of adaptation and mitigation in the country’s climate change policies. Since 2002 the UK has been spending increasingly large sums on climate change mitigation, mostly through subsidies to renewables. Between 2017 and today, […]

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  • Mob Rules In Cambridge As Police Allows Extinction Rebellion Activists To Dig Up Trinity College’s Lawn

    • Date: 18/02/20
    • The Times

    Residents in Cambridge have accused the police of allowing “mob rule” after Extinction Rebellion activists blocked roads and vandalised the lawn of one of the university’s colleges. The anti-climate change group was given police permission to stop traffic, including ambulances and buses, in a week-long demonstration in the city that began yesterday. More than a dozen activists, […]

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  • At Last: No 10 Tells BBC Licence Fee Will Be Scrapped

    • Date: 16/02/20
    • The Sunday Times

    TV channels face axe in move to subscriptions Downing Street turned on the BBC last night — vowing to scrap the television licence fee and make viewers pay a subscription. The national broadcaster could also be compelled to downsize and sell off most of its radio stations. In a plan that would change the face […]

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  • UK Police Compared To Stasi and Gestapo By Judge As He Rules They Interfered In Freedom Of Speech

    • Date: 14/02/20
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Judge says that the effect of police turning up at Mr Miller’s workplace “because of his political opinions must not be underestimated”. Humberside Police unlawfully interfered with a man’s right to freedom of expression by turning up at his place of work over his allegedly “transphobic” tweets, the High Court has ruled. Former police officer Harry […]

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