• Britain Dumps Recycled Plastic Waste Abroad, With Toxic Consequences

    • Date: 22/07/18
    • The Daily Telegraph

    UK plastic waste burnt in open fires in Poland When the fire took hold of the rubbish dump in an industrial area outside Warsaw, the column of dense, black smoke was visible from more than 30 miles away. Firefighters from the town of Zgierz, 80 miles southwest of the Polish capital, fought the blaze for […]

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  • Smart meter savings are paltry

    • Date: 21/07/18
    • BBC News

    People who have smart meters installed are expected to save an average of £11 annually on their energy bills, much less than originally hoped. A report from a parliamentary group now predicts a dual fuel saving of £26. In a critical report, the 92 MPs and peers also said the government was likely to miss its […]

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  • Climate Campaigners Lose High Court Battle Over CO2 Target

    • Date: 20/07/18
    • Belfast Telegraph

    Charity Plan B Earth brought legal action against the UK Government’s stance on the 2050 carbon target, but a judge ruled the case was ‘unarguable’. Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley addresses environmental campaigners ahead of Plan B Earth’s High Court challenge (Sian Harrison/PA) Environmental campaigners have lost their High Court challenge against the Government over […]

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  • UK Government Dithering Over Shale Gas Is ‘A Farce’

    • Date: 19/07/18
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has welcomed the news that onshore gas exploration firm Cuadrilla has completed the drilling of its second shale well. The well, at the company’s site in Preston Hall in Lancashire, could represent the start of a revolution in the UK’s energy supply, reducing dependence on gas imports and providing […]

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  • Cuadrilla Poised To Frack Britain’s First Shale Well

    • Date: 18/07/18
    • Reuters

    Energy exploration group Cuadrilla expects to start “fracking” Britain’s first horizontal shale well shortly following years of protests and government reviews into this unconventional way of extracting oil and gas. The unlisted company said on Tuesday it was awaiting government approval to frack the first well at its Lancashire site in northern England before starting […]

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  • The Cost of Wind Power: Worse Than We Thought

    • Date: 17/07/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    A few days ago, the BBC’s Roger Harrabin mentioned a new suggestion that instead of cutting up redundant oil rigs, we should simply sink them to the bottom of the sea, where they would become artificial reefs that would encourage a flourishing of marine flora and fauna. Observant readers of his Twitter feed were of […]

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  • Renewables continue to make shambles of energy sector

    • Date: 17/07/18
    • Tom DiChristopher, CNBC

    The amount of money flowing into the energy sector fell for a third straight year, raising concerns about the world’s ability to provide enough power and tackle climate change, the International Energy Agency reported on Tuesday. On the whole, governments and businesses plowed $1.8 trillion into the infrastructure, equipment and resources that keep the world […]

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  • UK Survey: Brits Are Chilled About Global Warming

    • Date: 11/07/18
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    Few have major concerns over climate change The latest British Social Attitudes Survey reveals that only around a quarter of the public has major concerns over the impacts of global warming and that only a third thinks that humans are the main cause of climate change. The typical Briton is mildly concerned by climate change, […]

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