• Tory Ministers Accused Of Killing UK Shale Industry

    • Date: 29/04/19
    • The Times

    UK ministers were accused yesterday of deliberately undermining their own fracking tsar before she resigned in frustration at their “paralysis”. Natascha Engel quit seven months after she was appointed shale gas commissioner by the energy minister. The former Labour MP said that the government had caved in to pressure from campaign groups and had “instituted a […]

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  • Britain’s Fracking Commissioner Resigns And Accuses Govt Of Caving In To Green Zealots

    • Date: 28/04/19
    • David Rose, Mail on Sunday

    The Government’s fracking ‘tsar’ today reveals her immediate resignation in The Mail on Sunday. Natascha Engel’s decision to walk away from such a high-profile role is driven, she says, by her dismay that Ministers are jeopardising Britain’s energy security because they would rather appease noisy green campaigners than listen to scientists’ advice. The result, she […]

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  • Rising electricity prices are forcing Britain’s poorest to underheat their homes

    • Date: 24/04/19
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) warns that rising electricity prices, caused in large part by UK energy and climate policies, are forcing the country’s poorest households to cut back on heating. According to the fuel poverty report recently released by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), nearly 70% of UK households […]

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  • Did David Attenborough’s film crew scare walruses to death?

    • Date: 18/04/19
    • Andrew Montford, Reaction

    Did David Attenborough’s film crew choose to put walruses at risk in order to get their global warming tale? It seems more than possible. The new Netflix show Our Planet has quickly become very controversial. The focus of concern has been a sequence in which Pacific walruses fall from cliffs in the Siberian Arctic to their deaths. […]

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  • London mayor accused by rank and file police of ‘aggravating’ climate protests

    • Date: 18/04/19
    • The Daily Telegraph

    The Mayor of London has been accused by rank and file police officers of “aggravating” climate protests as demonstrators brought havoc to the capital. Sadiq Khan was criticised by policing and business leaders after activists from Extinction Rebellion were able to disrupt major transport routes for a third day. Hundreds of arrested protesters even cited the Mayor’s support […]

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  • GWPF calls for David Attenborough to come clean on ‘walrus tragedy porn’

    • Date: 17/04/19
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    Netflix story behind falling walruses is ‘mostly fantasy’ The Global Warming Policy Forum has called for Sir David Attenborough to come clean about the infamous falling walruses in his new Netflix series. In his narration for the Our Planet show, David Attenborough claims that lack of sea ice is forcing walruses ashore, where they fall from cliffs.  […]

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  • Peter Ridd has defeated the Climate Inquisition thanks to you

    • Date: 16/04/19
    • Jennifer Marohasy, Soectator Australia

    Peter Ridd was a professor at James Cook University who dared to question claims that the Great Barrier Reef is facing imminent catastrophe from climate change. Eventually he was sacked for not backing down. But with public support support he insisted that the university undertake some quality assurance of its research, and refused to be […]

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  • Revealed: UK business minister held meetings with radical eco-socialists plotting to bring Britain to its knees

    • Date: 14/04/19
    • Mail on Sunday

    A Business Minister was last night facing questions about why she met members of a radical environmental group which is plotting to paralyse London this week. Claire Perry held meetings with the Extinction Rebellion (XR) group at a climate change conference in Poland in November. Ms Perry told The Mail on Sunday she had a ‘good and productive chat’ […]

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