• Boris Johnson U-turns after outrage from MPs over carbon tax

    • Date: 05/02/21
    • The Sun

    Downing Street slapped down mooted plans for a meat tax tonight – after MPs and experts rounded on the barmy plans. It came after No10 and the Treasury ordered Whitehall chiefs to come up with plans to slap charges on anything that requires high carbon emissions to produce. The PM wants to get to net zero […]

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  • Net Zero fiasco: Nuclear winter for Britain as power plants close

    • Date: 31/01/21
    • The Sunday Times

    “The reality is that nuclear capacity will come off before it is replaced, which means carbon emissions will go up or won’t come down.” […] Last week, that bold vision lay in tatters as Hitachi pulled down the shutters on Horizon, which it will wind up by the end of March. It has cancelled its application […]

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  • UK Climate Assembly was undemocratic

    • Date: 29/01/21
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    Environmentalists tried to sidestep democratic process London, 29 January: The UK Climate Assembly, which claimed to have delivered a mandate for a green revolution, could not have delivered a mandate of any kind, according to a new analysis published by the Global Warming Policy Forum. According to the report’s author, Ben Pile, the Assembly was […]

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  • COP26 in trouble as China nixes US climate appeal over Uighur genocide claims

    • Date: 29/01/21
    • New York Post

    WASHINGTON — China’s Communist government smacked-down Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s appeals to work together on climate change after he said he agreed that the Chinese government’s treatment of Uighur Muslims amounted to “genocide.”  In a new statement released on Twitter, China’s foreign ministry accused Blinken of “interfering in its domestic affairs and undermining its interests” after he backed […]

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  • GWPF calls on Government to suspend £10 billion green levy on suffering households

    • Date: 28/01/21
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 28 January: In the light of growing concern about a sharp rise in fuel poverty among millions of households, the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) is calling on the government to suspend immediately the green levies on energy bills, a cost that is now running at over £10 billion a year, mostly in support subsidies […]

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  • Britain faces fuel poverty crisis as 7 million households face energy debt

    • Date: 27/01/21
    • The Mirror

    Britain is facing a fuel poverty crisis as seven million households expect to be plunged into energy debt by the end of the winter lockdown. Some of the country’s most vulnerable families have been hardest-hit as swathes of people work from home and children remain off school – causing bills to rocket by up to […]

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  • Hinkley Point C nuclear power station delayed and costs rise

    • Date: 27/01/21
    • Press Association

    Hinkley Point C – the nuclear power station being built in Somerset – is set to be delayed and costs are likely to be £500 million more than previously thought, according to the energy giant behind it. EDF said “significant progress” has been made on the site in Bridgwater, despite the impact of the Covid-19 […]

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  • Treasury compelled to release ‘Net Zero’ cost calculations

    • Date: 26/01/21
    • Order-Order.com and Matt Ridley

    Back in June 2019, in a speech in the House of Lords, Matt Ridley demanded answers about the staggering cost of Net Zero. Finally, the Government is being forced to reveal its calculations. Last year Guido reported the news that the Government was refusing to publish the “over 220,000 specified data points… organised over 100 Excel workbooks” it had […]

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