• UK Shale Horizontal Drilling Under Way, Fracturing to Follow

    • Date: 22/01/18
    • Journal of Petroleum Technology

    Cuadrilla Resources has started drilling the UK’s first horizontal shale well at its exploration site at Preston New Road, Lancashire, and hopes to begin hydraulic fracturing of two wells in the second quarter. No wells have been fractured in the UK since 2011, when a Cuadrilla well triggered small earthquakes in Lancashire. Advancement of the […]

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  • UK Green Energy Investment Drops By 56% After Policy Changes

    • Date: 16/01/18
    • Adam Vaughan, The Guardian

    Investment in green energy fell 56% in UK in 2017 – biggest fall of any country – after ‘stop-start’ support from government Investment in clean energy plunged further in Britain than in any other country last year because of government policy changes, new figures show. The amount companies spent on green energy in the UK […]

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  • UK Shale Tests Reveal ‘Excellent’ Fracking Conditions

    • Date: 13/01/18
    • Jillian Ambrose, The Daily Telegraph

    Cuadrilla’s controversial bid to frack for shale gas in Lancashire has struck a rare gush of good luck after tests unearthed “excellent” conditions for fracking. The fracking firm drilled a 1.6 mile deep vertical well at its protest-hit Preston New Road site, through two different types of shale, to reveal “excellent rock quality” for fracking. […]

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  • Deer Oh Deer! BBC Admits Climate Change Mistake

    • Date: 09/01/18
    • Energy Live News

    The BBC has retracted its claim reindeers are in “steep decline” because of climate change. Climate change sceptic Lord Lawson wrote to the BBC, citing a 2016 study suggesting 17 out of 19 sub-populations of Eurasian Reindeer were now either increasing in number or had a stable population. The BBC accepted it had made a […]

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  • Church Of England Banks On UK Shale Revolution

    • Date: 09/01/18
    • The Times

     The Church of England has laid claim to minerals beneath privately owned land covering an area the size of the Lake District, including in regions earmarked for fracking, The Times has learnt. Since 2010 the church has officially registered its ownership of 585,000 acres of underground resources. Thousands of people have received letters warning that they do […]

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  • UK Advertising Regulator Upholds GWPF Complaint

    • Date: 05/01/18
    • William Powell, Natural Gas World

    The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against Greenpeace and others over misleading claims in an advert about the halving of the cost of electricity generated by offshore windfarms early next decade. The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) said that, until the windfarms were built, which it said was unlikely, there was no certainty that […]

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  • UK Shale Development To Begin In Earnest In 2018

    • Date: 28/12/17
    • Steel Guru

    UK shale gas companies are expected to launch large-scale fracking of gas in the northern English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire in 2018 amid protests of environmentalists against the authorities’ decision to grant permission for such activities. Mr Francis Egan CEO of Cuadrilla company said in relation to the start of fracking in the United […]

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  • Green Activists Withdraw Adverts Which Falsely Claim Price Of Wind Energy Has Fallen By 50 Per Cent

    • Date: 27/12/17
    • Daily Mail

    Environmental activists have withdrawn an advertising campaign after being accused of making false claims about the price of wind energy. The poster, launched in September by Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi and plastered around Westminster Tube station and across London’s transport network, claimed the price had fallen by 50 per cent over the past two years. […]

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