• England To ‘Reap Benefits’ From Fracking After Scottish Nationalists Ban Shale Gas Extraction

    • Date: 04/10/17
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Scotland will miss out on billions of pounds and thousands of jobs from fracking while England “reaps the benefits”, a petrochemical giant has said after SNP ministers banned the practice north of the Border. Paul Wheelhouse, the Scottish Energy Minister, told MSPs that the controversial shale gas extraction technique “cannot and will not take place in […]

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  • London Seeks Ban Of Renewable Energy Blamed For Air Pollution

    • Date: 29/09/17
    • Ben Webster, The Times

    Wood burning is set to be banned in some urban areas to reduce air pollution under proposed restrictions that would be the strongest in Europe. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, is seeking powers to prohibit all burning of wood in parts of the capital with poor air quality. He also wants tighter curbs on […]

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  • UK’s Green Investment Bank Abandons Britain

    • Date: 26/09/17
    • Daily Mail

    The newly privatised investment bank that was founded by the Government to develop renewable energy in the UK has quietly ditched this country. A pledge to invest in Britain was scrubbed from the Green Investment Group’s (GIG) constitution on the day of its takeover by Australian investment bank Macquarie. The Government sneaked in the change […]

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  • Forget The Spin: Offshore Wind Costs Are Not Falling

    • Date: 25/09/17
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Spin put on the government’s recently announced strike prices to three large offshore wind farms has misled many into thinking that the costs of offshore wind are falling. However, no actual capital cost figures have been provided for the three windfarms (Hornsea, Moray East, or Triton Knoll), and the strike prices are a poor guide […]

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  • Cheap Renewable Contracts Could Be Options In Disguise

    • Date: 25/09/17
    • Jonathan Ford, Financial Times

    When prices tumble for a product or service, there is generally an observable reason. It might be a cunning technological fix that dramatically boosts productivity, for instance, or the sudden slide in a key input cost. But nothing so obvious can convincingly explain why it is suddenly much cheaper to produce electricity from offshore wind […]

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  • Cut Green Taxes Now! Scientists Admit Overstating Global Warming

    • Date: 20/09/17
    • Colin Fernandez, Daily Mail

    Experts call for cost of energy bills to fall after scientists admit overstating global warming Green taxes on families’ energy bills should be cut in light of a scientific report that said global warming was less drastic than feared, experts claimed yesterday. Around 10 per cent of a family’s energy bill – roughly £111 a year – […]

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  • North Yorkshire County Council Agrees Fracking Planning Applications

    • Date: 12/09/17
    • Minster FM

    North Yorkshire County Council has today agreed planning conditions with Third Energy which will enable the company to begin operations to frack for shale gas in the vicinity of Kirby Misperton. The conditions relate to traffic management; to the prevention of mud on roads and to the financial commitment required of Third Energy, or any […]

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  • Britain Faces Huge Costs To Avoid Power Shortages With Electric Car Plan

    • Date: 06/09/17
    • Reuters

    Britain must plough billions of pounds into new power plants, grid networks and electric vehicle charging points if it is to avoid local power shortages when a planned ban on new diesel and petrol cars begins. Supporting millions more battery-powered vehicles over the next two decades is technically feasible, and if drivers can be persuaded […]

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