• ‘Cheap’ offshore wind power claims are false, data shows

    • Date: 19/02/21
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Ministers and the media ‘must stop deceiving the public’ A new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation shows that the cost of offshore wind power is high and barely falling. GWPF is calling for ministers and officials to come clean with the public.  Since 2017, renewables advocates have argued that offshore wind power is now […]

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  • GWPF accuses Government of driving up electricity prices and energy poverty

    • Date: 15/02/21
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    The Global Warming Policy Forum has accused the government of being the main driver of energy poverty as its Net Zero agenda is making electricity ever more expensive for low-income families. Summary Climate policy costs are adding £10bn a year to energy bills, paid disproportionately by poorer people.  Electricity prices 40% higher than in the […]

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  • Boris Johnson’s Net Zero dilemma: Economic recovery or climate cap on holidays abroad

    • Date: 14/02/21
    • The Sunday Times

    Overseas holidays are on hold and the aviation sector is on its knees, yet airports are pressing ahead with huge expansion plans before a proposed green cap on passenger numbers that would limit future growth. Yorkshire made the first move on Thursday night, when a new £150 million terminal at Leeds-Bradford was approved — with […]

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  • NATO chief suggests battle tanks with solar panels as Western militaries go bonkers

    • Date: 13/02/21
    • The National

    Nato should examine how it can power tanks and jets with alternative energy, such as solar panels, to reduce its carbon emissions, the alliance’s secretary general said. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels would also make troops less vulnerable to attack because they would not have to rely on long supply lines getting fuel to the front […]

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  • River Thames freezes over for first time in 60 years

    • Date: 12/02/21
    • Daily Express

    The river Thames in London froze over for the first time in 60 years as temperatures plummeted overnight. The freezing weather comes as 15 weather stations in Britain recorded their lowest temperature ever for February overnight on Wednesday. For the first time since 1963, parts of the River Thames were frozen over as witnesses spotted […]

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  • UK Govt to slash Green Home Grants by £1.5 billion

    • Date: 11/02/21
    • Money Saving Expert

    Funding for the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme is set to be slashed by around £1.5 billion from April, it’s been revealed.  The Government had set aside a total of £2 billion for the initiative, under which homeowners in England can get up to £5,000 in vouchers to make their homes more energy efficient. £1.5 […]

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  • And so it begins: UK Government mulls emergency measures that would enable networks to switch off your electricity without warning or compensation

    • Date: 07/02/21
    • Mail Online, This Is Money

    The Government is considering giving energy networks the power to switch off a household’s energy supply without warning or compensation for those affected.  A series of ‘modifications’ to the Smart Energy Code have been proposed by officials and look set to pass into law by next spring.  These include giving networks the right to decide when they consider […]

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  • Ofgem condemned for misleading the public about energy price rises

    • Date: 05/02/21
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 5 February: The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has condemned Jonathan Brearley, the chief executive of energy regulator Ofgem, for misleading the public about additional rises in energy prices. Ofgem has claimed the 9% rise in energy bills for millions of British households is primarily a reflection of the rise in wholesale costs, and […]

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