• Without Subsidies, Green Energy Jobs At Risk

    • Date: 04/03/17
    • BBC News

    One in six jobs in Scotland’s renewable energy sector could be lost within the next 12 months, according to an industry body. Scottish Renewables said thousands of posts could go as a result of changes to UK government support schemes. But it added that most firms feel positive about the future, with many having diversified […]

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  • Britain’s Shale Revolution Faces Final Hurdles

    • Date: 28/02/17
    • Patrick Brown, Politico

    The UK is on the verge of becoming the only European country to pump shale gas and tap into potentially huge amounts of home-grown energy. If, that is, it can get past an increasingly vocal band of anti-fracking activists. The European shale gas revolution largely ended before it began. Protesters, armed with stories and expertise […]

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  • House Of Lords Committee Calls For Radical Reform Of UK Energy Policy

    • Date: 24/02/17
    • House of Lords

    The House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs has now published its report entitled ‘The Price of Power: Reforming the Electricity Market’. The Committee examined the impact of the policies of successive governments on the electricity market. In its report the Committee identifies two key failures in the current market: the narrow amount of […]

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  • More Green Madness: £450m Lost Over Failed Green Power Programme

    • Date: 23/02/17
    • Ben Webster, The Times

    Britain is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds subsidising power stations to burn American wood pellets that do more harm to the climate than the coal they replaced, a study has found. Green subsidies for wood pellets were championed by Chris Huhne when he was energy and climate change secretary. Mr Huhne, 62, was jailed […]

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  • UK Government To Flog Off Green Investment Bank

    • Date: 21/02/17
    • Financial Review

    The UK government is poised to approve Macquarie’s controversial £2 billion ($3.2 billion) bid for Green Investment Bank Green Investment Bank, despite vocal opposition to the sale from some Scottish and Labour MPs, as first reported by Street Talk on Sunday. According to sources familiar with the long-running privatisation, British government officials have told Macquarie […]

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  • Trade Union Rebukes Scottish Labour Party Over Fracking Stance

    • Date: 21/02/17
    • Hamish Macdonell, The Times

    Kezia Dugdale has been dealt an embarrassing rebuke over fracking by one of her party’s biggest union supporters. In a detailed criticism of her outright opposition to fracking, the GMB union accused the Scottish Labour leader of chasing votes rather than jobs. It declared that had Labour’s nervous approach to fracking been in place 50 […]

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  • New Nuclear Power Plants In Doubt As UK Govt Demands Price Cuts

    • Date: 16/02/17
    • Andrew Ward, Financial Times

    Companies vying to build nuclear power stations in the UK have been told they must offer a price for their electricity sharply lower than that approved for the Hinkley Point plant last year, raising further questions about the viability of Britain’s plans for a new generation of reactors. Government officials have indicated that future projects […]

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  • Britain’s Energy Policy Thrown Into Disarray As Toshiba Faces Bankruptcy

    • Date: 15/02/17
    • Rachel Millard, Daily Mail

    Britain’s nuclear power plans were thrown into chaos last night as problems escalated at Japanese company Toshiba. It marks the latest setback to the Government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions and keep the lights on. The corporate giant owns a 60 per cent stake in the planned NuGen power plant in Cumbria that is supposed to […]

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