• SUVs Outsell Electric Cars by 37 to 1

    • Date: 11/12/19
    • Graeme Paton, The Times

    Efforts to cut vehicle emissions are being undermined because gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles are outselling electric cars by 37 to 1, according to research. A study due to be published today said that growing demand for large petrol and diesel-powered cars was making a mockery of attempts to promote green transport. Sales of electric cars have risen […]

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  • Mad Eco-Grinch: School Bans Children From Sending Christmas Cards To Protect The Climate

    • Date: 05/12/19
    • Sky News

    The headteacher of the primary school says the tradition is bad for the environment. A primary school headteacher has been branded a “grinch” after banning pupils from sending Christmas cards. Jonathan Mason, head of Belton Lane Primary School in Grantham, Lincolnshire, said the tradition was bad for the environment. However, parents said the move is […]

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  • Jeremy Clarkson Confirms He’s Still A Proper Climate Sceptic

    • Date: 30/11/19
    • GWPF & Jeremy Clarkson, The Sun

    The left-wing press and gullible eco-journalists have been cock-a-hoop over Jeremy Clarkson’s confession earlier this week that he now ‘believes in global warming’. Well, guess what? He’s still not sure what exactly is causing it or whether it’s such a bad thing after all. I WAS outed as a climate change enthusiast this week. And […]

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  • How Climate Change Is Dividing The UK In A Similar Way To Brexit

    • Date: 27/11/19
    • Sky News

    Combating climate change could be emerging as a new political fault line in the UK, a Sky Data survey has revealed. * Over half of Remainers agreed it mattered a great deal as a policy priority* Just over a quarter of Leave voters said they agreed* 67% of Leave voters said prioritising tackling climate change […]

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  • Forget Climate Excuses: Environment Agency Ignored Flood Warnings For Years

    • Date: 16/11/19
    • The Times

    The Environment Agency ignored repeated warnings for more than a decade that a lack of maintenance along the River Don in South Yorkshire would worsen the impact of flooding. As flooding spread across the country yesterday, the Association of Drainage Authorities said that warnings had been issued each year since 2007 at its annual conference, attended by […]

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  • Professor Michael Kelly: Energy Utopias And Engineering Reality

    • Date: 14/11/19
    • Prof Michael Kelly FRS, 2019 Annual GWPF Lecture

    Delivering the 2019 Annual GWPF Lecture, Prof Kelly warned that the decision to embark on a wholesale decarbonisation of the economy is beset by superficial thinking that ignores engineering reality.

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  • The Environment Agency Shouldn’t Use Climate Change As An Excuse For Its Own Incompetence

    • Date: 12/11/19
    • Ross Clark, The Daily Telegraph

    Thank God for climate change. If it wasn’t for that get-out clause the Environment Agency might actually be held accountable for defending homes and businesses against flood risk, and for giving accurate warnings about imminent flooding. In an extraordinary interview on the Today programme yesterday the agency’s Executive Director of Operations, Toby Willison, was invited to respond to […]

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  • The Rise of Liberal Fascism: UK Students Turn Against Free Speech Amid ‘Culture Of Conformity’

    • Date: 11/11/19
    • The Times

    Fewer than half of students consistently support freedom of speech and two fifths favour censorship and no-platforming of controversial speakers, research has shown. A “culture of conformity” may also be having an effect on undergraduates, who are often too intimidated to espouse unpopular views on campus, according to a report by the centre-right think tank […]

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