• Criminals, Crackpots And Extremists Have Poisoned Anti-Fracking Camp Protests

    • Date: 17/12/17
    • David Rose, Mail on Sunday

    Anti-fracking protest camps in two areas of the country have been infiltrated by violent criminals, drug users, wild conspiracy theorists and ‘professional’ political activists, a Mail on Sunday investigation reveals today. Policing the protesters, who frequently resort to ‘direct action’ such as blocking roads to hold up shale gas drilling, has cost local taxpayers almost […]

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  • Fracking Protesters ‘Fake Police Injuries For The TV Cameras’

    • Date: 14/12/17
    • The Times

    Ambulance staff have accused anti-fracking protesters of faking injuries and making false allegations of police brutality in publicity stunts aimed at preventing drilling for shale gas. An activist is carried off by police at the Lancashire fracking site. Ambulance staff said that others were inventing injuries KRISTIAN BUUS/IN PICTURES VIA GETTY IMAGES North West Ambulance Service […]

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  • Frozen Britain Facing Energy Crisis As Gas Plant Explosion Raises Prices By A Third

    • Date: 12/12/17
    • The Daily Telegraph

    British homes and businesses face a potential gas crisis this winter after a perfect storm of shock outages sent prices surging just as demand for heat reached highs not seen in almost five years. The shutdown of the North Sea’s most important oil and gas pipeline system has been compounded by an explosion at a major gas processing facility in […]

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  • Austrian Explosion, Pipeline Shutdown Rattles Britain’s Gas Market

    • Date: 12/12/17
    • Bloomberg

    U.K. natural gas prices jumped the most in more than eight years after an explosion at one of Europe’s biggest supply hubs threatened to curb flows during a cold snap. The market already was struggling to absorb the impact of a crack that shut down a North Sea pipeline network when a blast at the Baumgarten […]

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  • Britain Starts Dismantling Wind Farms After Successful Lake District Campaign

    • Date: 08/12/17
    • Ben Webster, The Times

    A dozen 140ft wind turbines on the edge of the Lake District are due to be dismantled next summer after a decision which could result in many more being removed to restore views. The wind farm on Kirkby Moor on the Furness peninsula in Cumbria would be the first large one to be taken down […]

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  • Sir Ian Byatt: The Economic Consequences of UK Climate Change Policies

    • Date: 07/12/17
    • Sir Ian Byatt

    Sir Ian Byatt, British economist, former Government advisor and a member of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council, is presenting a paper today at a climate conference organised by L’association des Climato-Réalistes in Paris.   Abstract: The climate change policy of successive British governments are damaging the UK economy. The UK is unique in having ambitions (80% by […]

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  • Green Madness: British Coal Power Plants In Line For £200 Million Back-Up Subsidies

    • Date: 03/12/17
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Britain’s last remaining coal-fired power plants have lined up to compete for lucrative supply contracts in the early 2020s in a last hurrah before the Government’s coal power ban in 2025. Over 10GW of power capacity from six coal-fired plants have pre-qualified for an auction early next year to clinch supply contracts for 2021 to […]

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  • Grenfell Disaster: Investigation Reveals Plastic Lobby Influenced Government’s Climate Regulations

    • Date: 27/11/17
    • Sky News

    Since the Kyoto agreement in 1997 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, successive governments have created rules about how new and refurbished buildings must be insulated to reduce heat loss. In 2011 the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) turned to the insulation industry for help, inviting representatives onto a Green Deal committee to come […]

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