• UK Govt May Punish Households To Exempt Businesses From Green Energy Costs

    • Date: 22/06/18
    • Reuters

    LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is considering giving more companies exemption from schemes to help pay for renewable power, but warned the move could lead to higher costs for households and non-exempt firms. British businesses have long complained they face some of the highest electricity costs in Europe and the government is looking for ways to […]

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  • Green Killing Machines: Scottish Wind Farm ‘Could Wipe Out A Third Of Wildcats’

    • Date: 22/06/18
    • The Scotsman

    Scottish wildcats are facing extinction after it emerged that 30 per cent of the species could be wiped out by a wind farm expansion. Swedish energy giant Vattenfall hopes to expand a wind farm at the publicly-owned Clashindarroch Forest in Aberdeenshire – home to at least 13 Scottish wildcats. With estimates for the entire population […]

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  • Britain Backs Away From Total Ban Of Conventional Cars

    • Date: 19/06/18
    • Financial Times

    A plan for the UK to ban petrol, diesel and most hybrid cars by 2040 is set to be watered down, with ministers now referring to it as a “mission”. Theresa May’s “Road to Zero Strategy”, designed to eliminate pollution from Britain’s roads, is due to be published on June 20, according to Whitehall officials […]

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  • Green Loans Dry Up As UK Govt Ends Subsidies For Renewables

    • Date: 15/06/18
    • Peer2Peer Finance News

    A dearth of renewable energy loans has been blamed on over-zealous lenders chasing “low hanging fruit” and an end to a government-backed subsidy programme. In May, Assetz Capital closed its Green Energy Account (GEA) and in March, defunct P2P platform Trillion Fund paid off its final renewable energy loan. Both platforms have blamed a lack of new loans […]

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  • Blow To Campaigners As Fracking Appeal Wins Approval

    • Date: 08/06/18
    • BBC News

    A fracking firm has won an appeal for exploratory drilling near Rotherham. Petrochemical firm Ineos wants to drill a test well at Common Lane, Harthill. The council had opposed its plan over concerns about the impact on roads. Now, a planning inspector has ruled drilling equipment can be installed for up to five years, said […]

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  • Still No Wind Power: UK Wind Drought Is Driving Up Energy Prices

    • Date: 07/06/18
    • Bloomberg

    Britain’s gone nine days with almost no wind generation, and forecasts show the calm conditions persisting for another two weeks. The wind drought has pushed up day-ahead power prices to the highest level for the time of year for at least a decade. Apart from a surge expected around June 14, wind levels are forecast […]

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  • Wind Disappears in Britain Leaving Turbines at a Standstill

    • Date: 05/06/18
    • Bloomberg

    Britain’s gone seven days with almost no wind generation and forecasts show the calm conditions persisting until the middle of the month. The wind drought has pushed up day-ahead power prices to the highest levels for the time of year for at least a decade. U.K. turbines can produce about as much power as 12 […]

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  • Taxpayer Bankrolls £15bn New Nuclear Power Plant

    • Date: 04/06/18
    • The Times

    Ministers will this week reverse decades of opposition to investing taxpayer money in nuclear energy by agreeing to bankroll a £15bn-plus power station in Wales. The government will commit to taking a direct stake in the Wylfa plant on Anglesey, planned by the Japanese industrial giant Hitachi, after more than two years of negotiations. It […]

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