• Climate Campaign May Ground Britain’s Economy

    • Date: 28/03/10

    Campaigners will seek to block airport expansion across Britain following a High Court judgment which criticised the government’s decision to build a third runway at Heathrow. Environmental groups linked to Stansted, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and a string of other airports hope to use the ruling to launch fresh challenges against plans for mass growth in […]

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  • Britain Gridlocked By Climate Act

    • Date: 26/03/10
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    Judge rules against Heathrow expansion over climate change concerns – Campaigners declare victory in case that could have major implications for all future carbon intensive projects. Environmental groups this morning claimed victory in their fight to block the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport after a High Court judge ruled that the government’s case for a third […]

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  • Chief Climategate Investigator Failed To Declare Eco-Directorship

    • Date: 24/03/10

    The peer leading the second Climategate enquiry at the University of East Anglia serves as a director of one of the most powerful environmental networks in the world, according to Companies House documents – and has failed to declare it. Lord Oxburgh, a geologist by training and the former scientific advisor to the Ministry of […]

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  • Science Museum Adopts Climate Agnosticism

    • Date: 24/03/10

    The Science Museum is revising the contents of its new climate science gallery to reflect the wave of scepticism that has engulfed the issue in recent months. The decision by the 100-year-old London museum reveals how deeply scientific institutions have been shaken by the public’s reaction to revelations of malpractice by climate scientists. The museum […]

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  • Hunt for ‘Rogue Trader’ Over Recycled Carbon Credits

    • Date: 21/03/10

    A tiny London trading firm is at the centre of a shadowy chain of international deals involving the carbon market’s first “rogue trader”. A mystery investor made a £1.8m profit last week by selling invalid carbon permits to unwitting buyers in Europe — which caused a temporary trading freeze at two of the main carbon trading […]

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  • Tories Plan New Carbon Tax

    • Date: 19/03/10

    A Conservative government would penalise electricity production from fossil fuels to stimulate investment in renewable and nuclear power, under plans set out today by David Cameron. Speaking at the launch of the party’s energy policy proposals, Mr Cameron called for the introduction of a carbon tax on electricity generated from coal and gas-fired power stations. […]

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  • Green Nightmare: 40 New Nuclear Power Stations To Meet Climate Targets

    • Date: 18/03/10

    Every car on the road will need to be electric and there will be solar panels on every home, 10,000 wind turbines onshore and 40 new nuclear power stations if the Government is to stand a chance of meeting strict climate change targets, engineers have warned. The Royal Academy of Engineering set out how the […]

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  • Carbon Trading Paralysed by EU Loophole

    • Date: 17/03/10

    Trading of UN-backed carbon credits ground to a halt on Tuesday, due to a loophole that means used credits can find their way back to the market. Exchange prices were heard plummeting to EUR1.00/tonne of CO2, while the effect in the over-the-counter market was to paralyse trading. Confidence in the carbon market has been blasted […]

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