• Leaked Report Points To Wind Farm Failure Causing UK Blackout

    • Date: 17/08/19
    • Financial Times

    National Grid’s preliminary investigation into the blackout that caused widespread disruption in England and Wales last week has raised the possibility that it was caused by the world’s largest offshore wind farm accidentally going offline. The provisional report, which was submitted to regulators on Friday, suggests for the first time that the Hornsea offshore wind […]

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  • Lightning Strike And Wind Farm Fault Triggered UK Blackout Chaos

    • Date: 16/08/19
    • The Times

    A technical fault at the world’s largest offshore wind farm was among a series of failures that resulted in Britain’s worst blackouts in a decade, according to initial analysis by National Grid. Hornsea One wind farm off the coast of Yorkshire and Little Barford gas-fired power plant in Cambridgeshire both suddenly reduced their electricity output shortly before […]

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  • Wind Farm Behind Massive Blackout Awarded £100,000 In Compensation Day After Powercut

    • Date: 16/08/19
    • The Daily Telegraph

    The wind farm which contributed to a massive blackout was awarded nearly £100,000 in compensation after being ordered to reduce its output the day immediately after the power cut, the Telegraph can reveal. Nearly one million homes and businesses were left without electricity last Friday when Hornsea Wind Farm and Little Barford gas-fired station went off grid […]

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  • UK To Probe World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm’s Role In Blackout

    • Date: 14/08/19
    • Recharge News

    An inquiry is underway into a huge UK power outage partly blamed on system disruption at the Hornsea 1 offshore wind project – the world’s largest – that is currently under construction off Eastern England. Lost generation from Hornsea 1, which will total 1.2GW when fully commissioned, and a gas plant were pinpointed as the […]

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  • National Grid Told to Explain Itself After Power Cut Chaos

    • Date: 12/08/19
    • Billy Kenber, The Times

    The government has launched an inquiry into the massive power cut that brought chaos to the road and rail networks last Friday. Almost one million people were left without electricity, while the power supply to Newcastle airport and Ipswich hospital was also affected. Andrea Leadsom, energy secretary, said that the power cut had caused “enormous disruption” and […]

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  • Revealed: The Green Energy Con — How The ‘Clean’ Power You Buy Comes Mainly From Fossil Fuels

    • Date: 11/08/19
    • The Sunday Telegraph

    Households on “100pc renewable” energy tariffs may be getting as little as 3.7pc of their energy from truly green sources. Renewable tariffs are cheaper than ever with the best energy deal on the market currently a green tariff from supplier Outfox the Market. But consumers trying to help the planet through their energy bills may […]

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  • Climate Change Extremists Are Plotting A Drone Attack To Shut Down Heathrow Airport

    • Date: 11/08/19
    • Mail on Sunday

    Climate change extremists are plotting to shut down Heathrow Airport with drones, threatening chaos for more than a million travellers. The action, being organised by a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion supporters, is scheduled to start on Friday, September 13 and last for a week – but activists warn that it could go on for even […]

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  • Fury At Blackout That Brought Britain Nearly To Its Knees

    • Date: 10/08/19
    • Mail Online

    UK Government launches probe into mystery simultaneous failure of wind farm and gas-fired power station as officials insist there is ‘no evidence’ of a cyber attack Energy watchdog Ofgem has demanded an urgent report from National Grid after a major power cut yesterday caused travel chaos and cut electricity for almost one million people in […]

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