• Ignoring Climate Alarmists, UK Government Promises More Flights And Bigger Airports

    • Date: 18/12/18
    • The Times

    Ministers are paving the way to expand airports and create hundreds of flight paths amid warnings that demand for air travel will soar by a third in the next 12 years. The Department for Transport publishes a long-awaited aviation strategy today that pledges to deliver “greater capacity at UK airports”. It raises the prospect of […]

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  • Another Green Fiasco: The Solar Panel Trap That Means You Can’t Sell Your Home

    • Date: 09/12/18
    • The Sunday Telegraph

    Homeowners who signed up for free solar panel schemes, which were popular a few years ago, now face problems selling their properties. Valuable government subsidies designed to encourage the use of renewable energy led to the emergence of many new firms that offered free solar panels to homeowners who would agree to lease their roofs. Homeowners benefited […]

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  • Britain’s Oldest Coal Plants Called On To Avoid Running Out Of Power As Cold Sets In

    • Date: 08/12/18
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Britain’s oldest coal-fired power plants prepared to fire up their hoppers for a price of almost £1,000 per megawatt-hour on Tuesday to avert a power shortfall as temperatures across the country plunge and wind power wanes. The cold snap ignited the winter’s first warning that Britain would run out of electricity unless idling coal plants […]

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  • Oh Dear: Electric Car Sales Drop Sharply Due To High Prices And Bad Batteries

    • Date: 03/12/18
    • The Times

    Poor sales of the greenest cars are undermining government plans to cut toxic roadside emissions, researchers have said. There has been a dramatic slowdown in the switchover to pure electric cars in the past 12 months because of concerns about high prices and a lack of roadside chargers, according to a study published today. Figures […]

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  • Britain’s Deadly Energy Madness: Excess Winter Deaths In England And Wales Highest Since 1976

    • Date: 30/11/18
    • Politics.co.uk

    There were 50,100 excess deaths in England and Wales last winter, when there was a prolonged spell of extreme cold, making it the highest number since 1976, figures have shown. Many more people are going to bed early to keep warm and using candles to save on electricity. People struggling to heat their homes are also […]

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  • Blackouts, Deaths And Civil Unrest: Warning Over Scotland’s Rush To Go Green

    • Date: 30/11/18
    • Sandra Dick, The Herald Scotland

    Scotland faces being plunged into darkness for days, possibly resulting in deaths and widespread civil disobedience, due to the country’s over-reliance on green energy, a new report has warned. A massive gap in the electricity system caused by the closure of coal-fired power stations and growth of unpredictable renewable generation has created the real prospect of complete […]

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  • IGas Begins Drilling Shale Well In Effort To Accelerate UK Fracking

    • Date: 27/11/18
    • Financial Times

    IGas, the UK’s largest onshore oil and gas producer, has started drilling the country’s third shale gas well in the north of England, as it seeks to follow Cuadrilla into fracking in the UK. The company on Tuesday began drilling on an appraisal well at Tinker Lane in North Nottinghamshire, which will be the first […]

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  • UK Homeowners Trapped By 25-Year Solar Panel Contracts

    • Date: 25/11/18

    Householders who lease their roofs to power firms find it hard or costly to move home Julie Griffiths* bought her wanted to reduce her carbon footprint by installing solar panels. The cost would have been a prohibitive £12,000, so she signed a deal to lease part of her roof to a solar power company, which […]

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