• Water Vapour and the Recent Global Temperature Hiatus

    • Date: 29/01/10

    Climate scientists, writing in the journal Science, say they may have overlooked a major cause of global warming and cooling. American researchers suggest that the amount of water high in the atmosphere is far more influential on global temperatures than was previously thought. Lead author Dr Susan Solomon, of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]

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  • Climate Feedback Effect Reduced

    • Date: 28/01/10

    Writing in the journal Nature Dr David Frank of the Swiss Federal Research Institute in Birmensdorf and colleagues have produced the most accurate estimate yet about how rising temperatures will trigger the release of more CO2 from the ocean and land, thus amplifying the greenhouse effect. In the recent past this effect has been said to […]

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  • 2009 and Global Warming

    • Date: 27/01/10

    Nasa’s latest press release on climate change says, “Nasa researcher finds last decade was warmest on record, 2009 was one of warmest years.” The statement is worth looking at in detail not only because of the scientific data it uses but also because of the way it portrays it. It also reveals a major difference […]

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  • No Conclusions Possible about Himalayan Glaciers

    • Date: 26/01/10

    Despite the IPCC’s statement that they were wrong to include references to the possibility that Himalayan glaciers could vanish by 2035 – an assertion that has no scientific credibility – the question is still being asked: Are the Himalayan glaciers shrinking because of global warming? The answer is not clear. A recent comprehensive report by […]

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  • IPCC Wrongly Linked Global Warming To Natural Disasters

    • Date: 24/01/10

    The United Nations climate science panel faces new controversy for wrongly linking global warming to an increase in the number and severity of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. It based the claims on an unpublished report that had not been subjected to routine scientific scrutiny — and ignored warnings from scientific advisers that […]

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  • Earth’s Uncertain Response to CO2

    • Date: 20/01/10

    The Earth has warmed substantially less than would have been expected during the industrial era based on current best estimates of Earth’s “climate sensitivity” – the amount of global temperature rise predicted in response to a given rise in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2). A study just published in the Journal of Climate, Stephen […]

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  • World Misled Over Himalayan Glaciers

    • Date: 17/01/10

    A warning that climate change will melt most of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035 is likely to be retracted after a series of scientific blunders by the United Nations body that issued it. Two years ago the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a benchmark report that was claimed to incorporate the latest and […]

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  • Climate-Proof Food Plants Are Coming

    • Date: 16/01/10

    What if we could create a food plant that defied all those doomsday scenarios where extreme temperatures take us all to oblivion, and instead kept growing and fruiting regardless of whether it got very hot or very cold? “We would never run out of food!” remarked Philip Wigge, a scientist at the Norwich-based John Innes Centre, […]

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