• Atlantic’s ‘conveyer belt’ shows no sign of declining, new study shows

    • Date: 26/02/21
    • Emma L. Worthington et al. (2021), Ocean Science, 15 February 2021

    Abstract A decline in Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) strength has been observed between 2004 and 2012 by the RAPID-MOCHA-WBTS (RAPID – Meridional Overturning Circulation and Heatflux Array – Western Boundary Time Series, hereafter RAPID array) with this weakened state of the AMOC persisting until 2017. Climate model and paleo-oceanographic research suggests that the AMOC […]

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  • Andrew Montford: The good news on climate

    • Date: 21/02/21
    • Andrew Montford, The Spectator

    While we shouldn’t shy away from discussions over how to tackle the impact of climate change, it is not the impending catastrophe that some might make it out to be. As I watch the snow blow past my window, it’s hard not to scoff at the idea of a ‘climate emergency’. However, I’m probably in […]

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  • Reality check: Australian farmers harvest record wheat crop

    • Date: 18/02/21
    • Baking Business News

    Australian farmers have harvested their largest-ever wheat crop, according to the latest crop report issued by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences issued Feb. 16. ABARES estimated the 2020-21 Australian wheat crop at 33,337,000 tonnes, up 18,172,000 tonnes, or 120%, from the drought-reduced 2019-20 outturn of 15,165,000 tonnes. The 2020-21 wheat […]

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  • Accurate reporting falls like leaves in autumn

    • Date: 03/02/21
    • Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science editor

    If you never looked past the headline of a news story or did not venture beyond the first paragraph, you can frequently come away with a false impression of what the real story was about. This is particularly true when the story is produced with the help of a press release taken verbatim by journalists. […]

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  • A remarkable decline in landfalling hurricanes

    • Date: 02/02/21
    • Roger Pielke Jr.

    Since 1945, the number of hurricanes that make landfall has declined by about a third Last week a paper published in Science concluded that worldwide, “To date, there has been no firm evidence of global trends of the frequency of tropical cyclones with maximum wind speed above the hurricane-force wind (64 knots) at landfall.” That finding, which confirms our work, […]

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  • NASA: Antarctic sea ice is growing, but we don’t know why

    • Date: 31/01/21
    • NASA Earth Data

    Sea ice in the Southern Ocean defies predictions. Observations show that ice extent in the Antarctic has been growing slightly. […] Paul Holland, a climate modeler with the British Antarctic Survey, has spent the last ten years studying Antarctica’s sea ice and the Southern Ocean. Lately, he has been scrutinizing the seasons of Antarctica and […]

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  • 2020, climate statistics and all that

    • Date: 15/01/21
    • Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor

    There has been no significant warming trend for 5 years. Every year in the middle of January various organisations, The UK Met Office, NASA, NOAA, etc. release their estimates of the annual average global temperature of our planet. This year the conclusion is that 2020 is statistically identical to 2016. Some have placed it the […]

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  • Record cold weather in China sends power demand through the roof

    • Date: 08/01/21
    • Reuters

    BEIJING (Reuters) – Exceptionally cold weather sweeping through China has caused a huge increase in power demand in the world’s largest energy consumer and hampered transportation. Frigid weather across north Asia has caught utilities and liquefied natural gas importers off guard as demand for power lowered inventories and pushed spot prices to record levels. China’s […]

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