• Mental Health Awareness Week: GWPF Blames Growing Climate Anxiety Among Children On Irresponsible Scare-Mongering

    • Date: 21/05/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 21 May: The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has called on responsible educators and journalists to stop terrifying children with exaggerated claims and worst-case predictions about the impact of global warming. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, the GWPF has released a short video today to raise awareness of the growing mental health […]

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  • Ambitious EU Climate Efforts Could Increase CO2 Emissions In The Rest Of The World, New Study Warns

    • Date: 18/05/20
    • University of Copenhagen

    The more the EU economy succeeds in dialing down greenhouse gas emissions, the more the rest of the world will turn them up – unless a similar level of green ambitions is shared by others. Up to 61.5% of the saved EU emissions could end up as increased emissions elsewhere in the world. The outcome […]

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  • Editorial: If You Like The Locked-Down US Economy, You’ll Love The Green New Deal

    • Date: 17/05/20
    • Editorial, New York Post

    The cost of the left’s Green New Deal is so enormous most Americans were probably never able to appreciate its true magnitude. Now, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, maybe they can. Last year, a study co-authored by a former head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found the GND’s 10-year sticker price could top $93 […]

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  • Germany On Course To Widely Miss EU Emission Targets

    • Date: 15/05/20
    • Clean Energy Wire

    Germany is on track to widely miss its EU obligations to reduce CO2 emissions. Germany is on track to widely miss its EU obligations to reduce CO2 emissions, even if the EU does not follow through plans to step up its ambitions in the fight against climate change, according to calculations by think tank Institute for Applied […]

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  • Obama’s Climate Officials Link Global Warming To Covid-19 Outbreak

    • Date: 14/05/20
    • Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times

    A cadre of Obama-era heavy hitters led by John Podesta fired up another effort Wednesday to put global warming at the forefront of the presidential campaign, this time by linking President Trump’s skepticism of a climate doomsday to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Mr. Podesta, the former Obama White House chief of staff who chaired Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 […]

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  • Most Americans Don’t Believe Climate Change Will Damage U.S. Economy

    • Date: 12/05/20
    • GWPF & Power Engineering

    Despite decades of climate alarm and relentless scare-mongering by campaigners and the news media, two-thirds of U.S. Americans don’t think that climate change will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy. Most Americans are underestimating both the potential economic impact of climate change and the role that entrepreneurs and investors can play in rectifying […]

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  • Angela Merkel’s MPs Rebel Against EU Climate Plans

    • Date: 10/05/20
    • Deutschland Today

    Berlin (AFP) – Angela Merkel’s parliamentary CDU/CSU party is putting the breaks on the German Chancellor’s EU climate ambitions. In her recent speech at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, Merkel supported the EU Commission’s stricter climate targets for 2030. The CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag is now criticising these very goals. In the draft position paper […]

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  • Rupert Darwall: Net-Zero and Extinction Capitalism

    • Date: 07/05/20
    • Rupert Darwall, National Review

    Shutting down the whole global economy is the only way of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Centigrade, Yvo de Boer, the former United Nations climate chief, warned in the runup to the 2015 Paris climate conference. Thanks to COVID-19 we now have an inkling what that looks like. The conference went further and chose to write into […]

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