• Cold Feet: U.S. Democratic National Committee Votes To Reject Climate Debate

    • Date: 22/08/19
    • Huffington Post

    The Democratic National Committee has rejected a proposal to host a single-issue debate on the climate crisis.  At a party conference Thursday in San Francisco, top DNC officials voted 17-8 against a resolution that had become a cause célèbre for activists and for more than a dozen presidential contenders who felt the traditional debate format […]

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  • Judith Curry: The Latest Travesty In ‘Consensus Enforcement’

    • Date: 14/08/19
    • Judith Curry, Climate Etc.

    The latest travesty in consensus ‘enforcement’, published by Nature. There is a new paper published in Nature, entitled Discrepancies in scientific authority and media visibility of climate change scientists and contrarians.. Abstract. We juxtapose 386 prominent contrarians with 386 expert scientists by tracking their digital footprints across ∼200,000 research publications and ∼100,000 English-language digital and print media articles on climate […]

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  • British Farmers Accuse News Media Of Climate Alarmism

    • Date: 10/08/19
    • AgriLand

    National Farmers’ Union president Minette Batters has accused the British media of “inflating” the findings of a report by published this week by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC report on land use across the world and its impact on the climate concluded that better land management and dietary changes were needed. […]

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  • Greta Throws Journalists Out Of Climate Summit

    • Date: 09/08/19
    • BLICK - Swiss News

    At the big meeting of the climate youth movement in Lausanne trouble is brewing. That seems to have left its mark on leader Greta Thunberg. Today the 16-year-old had reporting journalists thrown out of the conference hall. Climate icon Greta Thunberg had the media thrown out of the hall on Friday. The reason: The newspapers […]

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  • Greta Walk-Out: Apocalyptic Climate Cult Shows First Signs Of Division

    • Date: 08/08/19
    • BuzzFeed News

    Greta Thunberg was among a group of young activists who protested over a disagreement about the Fridays for Future movement’s demands. LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Greta Thunberg was among 30 young activists who walked out of a major European meeting of more than 400 students who have spent the last nine months boycotting school on Fridays […]

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  • Benny Peiser: Incredible Shrinking Europe — Between Climate Utopia & Green Energy Crisis

    • Date: 06/08/19

    Presentation at the 13th International Conference on Climate Change, Washington DC, 25 July 2019

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  • Extinction Rebellion: When Prophesy Fails

    • Date: 06/08/19
    • Billo The Wisp

    How dangerous is a doomsday cult like Extinction Rebellion? What happens when in 18 months time climate doomsday fails to happen and life goes on as normal? “We need to create Fear!” That’s what Al Gore said to me [Hans Rosling] at the start of our first conversation about how to teach climate change. — […]

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  • Climate Activists Face Extinction As ‘Birthstrikers’ Refuse To Have Children

    • Date: 03/08/19
    • The Times

    Some people avoid travelling by plane, others cut out meat, now hundreds of people are refusing to have babies in an attempt to avert the “existential threat” of the climate crisis. Meet the Birthstrikers: women and men who have chosen not to procreate until action is taken by governments to halt the impending ecological disaster. The […]

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