• Uncertain Climate

    • Date: 25/08/10

    In a special Radio 4 series the BBC’s Environmental Analyst Roger Harrabin investigates whether the arguments surrounding climate change can ever be won. He questions whether his own reporting – and that of others – has adequately told the whole story about global warming. Roger Harrabin has reported on the climate for almost thirty years […]

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  • “The Biggest Environmental Scandal In History”

    • Date: 23/08/10

    An obscure U.N. board that oversees a $2.7 billion market intended to cut heat-trapping gases has agreed to take steps that could lead to it eventually reining in what European and U.S. environmentalists are calling a huge scam. At a meeting this week that ended Friday, the executive board of the U.N.’s Clean Development Mechanism […]

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  • Daily Telegraph Apologises To IPCC Chief RK Pachauri

    • Date: 21/08/10

    Leading British newspaper Daily Telegraph on Saturday apologised for publishing an article about UN climate body chairman RK Pachauri accusing him of making a fortune from his links with “carbon trading” firms. The international publication had been running a campaign since last year against the chief of Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) […]

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  • UN To Get IPCC Review On August 30

    • Date: 20/08/10

    A UN-requested review of the world’s top panel of climate scientists, accused of flaws in a key assessment on global warming, will be unveiled on August 30, the investigating committee said on Friday. The five-month probe into “the processes and procedures” of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is being conducted by the […]

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  • Computer Models Killed Woolly Mammoth

    • Date: 18/08/10

    The reasons for its extinction are unclear and have been a matter of heated scientific debate. Now, according to Professor Brian Huntley of Durham University, that debate has been settled. Professor Huntley and his colleagues created a computer simulation of vegetation in Europe, Asia and North America over the last 42,000 years Woolly mammoths died out […]

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  • Mexico Attempts To ‘Rescue’ Global Climate Talks

    • Date: 17/08/10

    Mexico hopes to “rescue” global climate change talks by hosting a successful summit later this year that ends in concrete actions to control greenhouse gases, its chief negotiator said on Monday. Expectations for a decisive climate change agreement this year have been lowered as negotiators and United Nations officials cautioned that major stumbling blocks persist […]

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  • New Paper: Sea Level Rise Not Accelerating

    • Date: 16/08/10

    A paper published yesterday in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans, confirms other studies of tide gauge records which show that there has been no statistically significant acceleration in sea level rise over the past 100+ years, in contrast to statements of the IPCC and Al Gore. Sea levels have been rising naturally since […]

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  • A Cool Look At Russian Heat Wave

    • Date: 13/08/10

    A Russian scientist says the regional heat wave taking place in Russia is not a sign of catastrophic climate change and that the permafrost has been thawing since the last ice age 10,000 years ago, and its rate of thawing is also not catastrophic. This is what the German edition of the Russian online Ria […]

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