• German Government Makes Carbon Budget Depended On Global CO2 Action

    • Date: 23/11/19
    • Clean Energy Wire

    The German government has declined to specify the amount of greenhouse gas emissions the country would be allowed to emit if it were to achieve a fair share in global climate action, reports tageszeitung (taz). In a reply to a parliamentary inquiry by the Left Party, seen by Clean Energy Wire, Jochen Flasbarth, state secretary in the environment ministry, […]

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Lawsuit Pitting Michael Mann Against Free Speech Of Climate Sceptics

    • Date: 21/11/19
    • The Hill

    The Supreme Court on Friday will consider whether to take up a prominent climatologist’s defamation suit against a venerated conservative magazine, in a case that pits climate scientists against the free speech rights of global warming skeptics. The dispute between scientist Michael Mann and the National Review has drawn attention from lawmakers, interest groups, academics […]

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  • John Stossel: Climate Myths Perpetuated By Apocalyptic Greens

    • Date: 21/11/19
    • Stossel TV

    “How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood!” insisted teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg at the United Nations. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction!” Many people say that we’re destroying the Earth. It all sounds so scary. But I’ve been a consumer reporter for years, and I’ve covered so […]

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  • Roy Spencer: Climate Extremism in the Age of Disinformation

    • Date: 19/11/19
    • Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

    Do the global warming wars ever change anyone’s mind? I suppose there are a few people whose minds have been changed. As I recall, Judith Curry has said Climategate (now “celebrating” its 10 year anniversary) was her wake-up call that institutionalized climate science might not be all it claims to be. She is now a […]

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  • Soaring Global Demand For SUVs Is Eliminating Electric Cars Benefits

    • Date: 14/11/19
    • The Times

    The increasing demand for sports utility vehicles is eliminating the emissions savings made by those who have switched to electric cars, the global energy watchdog has warned. There has been a sixfold increase in SUVs since 2010, from 35 million to 200 million, and they now account for 40 per cent of new car sales, according […]

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  • Judy Curry: The Legacy of Climategate – 10 years later

    • Date: 13/11/19
    • Judith Curry, Climate Etc

    My reflections on Climategate 10 years later, and also reflections on my reflections of 5 years ago. Last week, an email from Rob Bradley reminded me of my previous blog post The legacy of Climategate: 5 years later. That post was the last in a sequence of posts at Climate Etc. since 2010 on Climategate; for […]

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  • How Bad Science & Horrific Journalism Misrepresent Wildfires and Climate

    • Date: 10/11/19
    • Jim Steele, Watts Up With That

    As one wildfire expert wrote, “Predicting future fire regimes is not rocket science; it is far more complicated than that.” But regardless of accuracy, most people are attracted to very simple narratives such as: more CO2 causes global warming causes more fires. Accordingly in the summer of 2019, CNN trumpeted the headline California wildfires burn 500% more […]

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  • Eco-Imperialism: Critics Blast Proposal To Curb Climate Change By Halting Population Growth

    • Date: 06/11/19
    • MIT Technology Review

    “A bunch of white people in the developed world saying population should be reduced is the definition of an imperialist framing” More than 11,000 scientists from a broad range of disciplines signed a new editorial declaring a “climate emergency,” but other researchers immediately criticized one of the proposed remedies: halting population growth. “Still increasing by […]

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