• Urban Heat Island Effect Caused 50% of Warming in China, New Study Finds

    • Date: 22/07/19
    • Nicola Scafetta and Shenghui Ouyang

    New study finds that past temperature records have failed to accurately detect urbanisation biases, which may account for about 50% of the recorded warming in China since the 1940s. Highlights Mean surface temperature in China has warmed by 0.8 °C since 1950. Atmospheric boundary layer physics predicts higher UHI warming during night. The divergence between Tmin […]

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  • Lufthansa Sees No ‘Greta Effect’ As Passenger Numbers Show Rise

    • Date: 15/07/19
    • City A.M.

    German airline Lufthansa expects passenger numbers to rise about four per cent this year, its chief executive said yesterday, playing down talk that public support for teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg might be curbing air travel. “At this time, we don’t see restraint – in fact, the opposite,” Carsten Spohr told the NZZ Am Sonntag […]

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  • New World Record: Oversupply Of Coffee Beans Sends Global Prices Tumbling

    • Date: 10/07/19
    • City A.M.

    So much coffee is now being produced in the world that global prices are crashing, according to new data. A record seasonal surplus of beans being produced pushed down coffee futures to their lowest levels in more than a decade during April, with a rise in demand for caffeinated drinks failing to stem the plummeting […]

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  • Climate Scientists’ Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

    • Date: 09/07/19
    • Judith Curry, Climate Etc.

    It’s getting worse. About 5 years ago, I wrote two blog posts on climate scientists’ pre-traumatic stress syndrome: Pre-traumatic stress syndrome: climate trauma survival trips Pre-traumatic stress syndrome: climate scientists speak out Mother Jones has a new article on the same topic It’s the end of the world as they know it: The distinct burden of […]

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  • Growing Mismatch Between Climate Activism And Global Energy Reality

    • Date: 08/07/19
    • Financial Times

    Hopes clash with reality on curbing energy use From schoolchildren across the world walking out of classrooms to demand action on global warming to US Democrats unveiling plans for a “Green New Deal”, campaigns to tackle climate change have gained impetus this year. “We have seen this huge upswing in really vocal concern about climate […]

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  • Paul Saunders: The Surprising G20 Climate Fight With China

    • Date: 07/07/19
    • Paul Saunders, Fox News

    We know President Trump is holding China’s feet to the fire on trade, but now he is playing tough on climate issues too. While media reports from the G20 summit have emphasized the Trump administration’sinsistence on a summit communique that noted Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the statement flap was far from the biggest climate […]

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  • Educating Kids to Debate Alarming Climate Claims

    • Date: 06/07/19
    • Paul Driessen, Townhall

    It’s time to challenge the steady diet of bias, false information and alarmism on climate change that students are fed in and outside of their classrooms. Science and public policy analyst Dr. David Wojick has launched an important new project to do exactly that.  From kindergarten onward, our young people are repeatedly told that they, […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Rejoice In The Lush Global Greening

    • Date: 04/07/19
    • Matt Ridley, Die Weltwoche

    CO2 is plant food. The greening of the earth means more food for animals and greater crop yields for humans. Why is no one talking about it? Amid all the talk of an imminent planetary catastrophe caused by emissions of carbon dioxide, another fact is often ignored: global greening is happening faster than climate change. […]

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