• Ten climate predictions for 2020 that went horribly wrong

    • Date: 29/12/20
    • PJ Media

    It seems climate armageddon has taken a permanent sabbatical. Long before Beto O’Rourke claimed the world only had 10 years left for humans to act against climate change, alarmists had spent decades predicting one doomsday scenario after another, each of which stubbornly failed to materialize. Many of those doomsday predictions specifically mentioned the annus horribilus of 2020. […]

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  • Nominations open for ‘The World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrite’ competition

    • Date: 21/12/20
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    Last year, we invited GWPF readers to submit nominations for a competition to find the World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrites of 2019. We decided to recognise a true genius in the field, christening the prizes “the Emmas”, to mark Ms Thompson’s ludicrous devotion to the dark art of shamelessness. Interest was high, and a close-fought contest […]

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  • Former environment senator Fritz Vahrenholt: “We are threatened by a dramatic loss of prosperity”

    • Date: 14/12/20
    • Hamburger Abendblatt

    Fritz Vahrenholt was a mastermind of Germany’s ecological movement, Senator for the environment and wind manager. Today he questions Germany’s costly climate policy. Hamburg. Fritz Vahrenholt has shaped the environmental debate in Germany like hardly anyone else: His book “Seveso ist überall” (1976) denounced the conditions in the chemical industry, his atlas “Die Lage der […]

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  • Car makers warn electric car plans are “far removed from reality”

    • Date: 12/12/20
    • Auto Express

    European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association calculates if EU targets of 30 million EVs by 2030 are to be met, their numbers must rise by almost 5,000% Plans from the European Union to have 30 million electric cars on the road by 2030 are “far removed from today’s reality”, according to an association that represents the Continent’s car makers. […]

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  • EU crisis threatens to scupper climate deal

    • Date: 08/12/20
    • GWPF

    The European Union is unlikely to clinch a deal on new climate policies at a EU summit this week if they cannot overcome deep divisions and agree the bloc’s next budget. The governments of Poland and Hungary, both under pressure from EU leaders for their politics, are blocking the budget and the recovery fund because […]

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  • Biden’s coming China headache: Climate change and “Developing Countries”

    • Date: 06/12/20
    • Tilak Doshi, Forbes

    Regime survival, China’s red line, is predicated on meeting the material aspirations of ordinary citizens, the only source of legitimacy afforded to unelected governments throughout history. A Biden presidency, which now seems most likely, will have plenty on its foreign policy plate, ranging from relations with Russia, China and Europe to the Iran question in […]

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  • GWPF/ AEF Webinar: Reforming Environmental Science

    • Date: 04/12/20
    • The Global Warming Policy Forum & Australian Environment Foundation

    The GWPF jointly hosted a webinar with the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF). It focusses on how to reform the quality of the environmental research that underpins environmental policy in Australia, with particular reference to the Great Barrier Reef, bushfire prevention and management, and the Murray-Darling Basin. Featuring Dr Peter Ridd, Joanna Nova and Alan Moran

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  • Roger Pielke Jr: The unstoppable momentum of outdated science

    • Date: 02/12/20
    • Roger Pielke Jr. The Honest Broker

    Much of climate research is focused on implausible scenarios of the future, but implementing a course correction will be difficult A 2015 literature review found almost 900 peer-reviewed studies published on breast cancer using a cell line derived from a breast cancer patient in Texas in 1976. But in 2007 it was confirmed that the cell line that had […]

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