• Global Warming Has Less Impact On Drought Than Previously Expected

    • Date: 31/08/16
    • Science Daily

    A new study from the University of California, Irvine and the University of Washington shows that water conserved by plants under high CO2 conditions compensates for much of the effect of warmer temperatures, retaining more water on land than predicted in commonly used drought assessments. According to the study published this week in the Proceedings […]

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  • As Cosmic Rays Intensify, New Study Suggests Sun More Important Than Thought On Earth’s Climate

    • Date: 30/08/16
    • Paul Dorian, Vencore Weather

    For the past year, neutron monitors around the Arctic Circle have sensed an increasing intensity of cosmic rays. This colorized picture of the sun is a mosaic of ultraviolet images from the orbiting TRACE satellite sensitive to light emitted by highly charged iron atoms. Growing in number, the intricate structures visible are the Sun’s hot […]

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  • Climate Science Debates Find Their Place In The Sun

    • Date: 28/08/16
    • Robert Matthews, The National

    Man’s nearest star is less active after scientists noticed a plunge in the number of sunspots. As a result, some say, global temperature levels will not rise as much as predicted, while others insist this will do little to slow climate change. ABU DHABI // August may be its usual sweltering self in the UAE, […]

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  • Solar Activity Has A Direct Impact On Earth’s Cloud Cover, Scientists Confirm

    • Date: 26/08/16
    • Technical University of Denmark

    A team of scientists from the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space) and the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked large solar eruptions to changes in Earth’s cloud cover in a study based on over 25 years of satellite observations.   The solar eruptions […]

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  • New Paper: Climate Models Fail Historic Tracking Test

    • Date: 24/08/16
    • Michael Beenstock et al. (2016), International Journal of Forecasting

    Testing the historic tracking of climate models Abstract: IPCC and others use in-sample correlations to confirm the ability of climate models to track the global surface temperature (GST) historically. However, a high correlation is a necessary but not sufficient condition for confirmation, because GST is nonstationary. In addition, the tracking errors must also be stationary. […]

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  • Editor Sounds Alarm Over Falling Public Trust In Science

    • Date: 18/08/16
    • David Matthews, Times Higher Education

    Jeremy Berg, new editor-in-chief of Science Mag, warns scientists are straying into policy commentator roles. Illustration by David Parkins — Nature, September 2015 Jeremy Berg is taking on one of the most influential jobs in science just as the scientific endeavour is facing a challenge of historic proportions. As the new editor-in-chief of Science, a highly […]

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  • Tree-Rings Reveal Secret Clocks That Could Reset Key Dates Across The Ancient World

    • Date: 17/08/16

    Oxford University researchers say that trees which grew during intense radiation bursts in the past have ‘time-markers’ in their tree-rings that could help archaeologists date events from thousands of years ago. In a new paper, the authors explain how harvesting such data could revolutionise the study of ancient civilisations such as the Egyptian and Mayan […]

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  • Astrophysicist Who Foresees Global Cooling Says Other Scientists Tried To ‘Silence’ Her

    • Date: 10/08/16
    • Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times

    A physicist who foresees a 30-year period of global cooling says other climatologists have tried to “silence” her latest research on solar cycles. Valentina Zharkova, a professor at Northumbria University at Newcastle in the United Kingdom, said the Royal Astronomical Society received requests to withdraw a press release on her team’s latest research pointing to […]

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