• New Study: Islands Across the World Could Adapt To Rising Sea Levels

    • Date: 11/06/20
    • University of Plymouth

    Coral reef islands across the world could naturally adapt to survive the impact of rising sea levels, according to new research. The increased flooding caused by the changing global climate has been predicted to render such communities – where sandy or gravel islands sit on top of coral reef platforms – uninhabitable within decades. However, […]

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  • New ‘Sun Clock’ Reveals That Solar Activity Turns Off And On With Surprising Precision

    • Date: 11/06/20
    • NCAR/UCAR News

    Clock paints picture of a more orderly, predictable Sun Solar scientists have taken a mathematical technique used by Earth scientists to analyze cyclic phenomena, such as the ebb and flow of ocean tides, and applied it to the confounding irregularity of cycles on the Sun. The result is an elegant “Sun clock” that shows that […]

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  • New Study: Climate Impact Of Grazing Cattle Overestimated

    • Date: 05/06/20
    • Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor

    The climate impact of grass-fed cattle may have been exaggerated as scientists find emissions of a powerful greenhouse gas from certain types of pasture are lower than previously thought. Researchers from Rothamsted Research found urine from animals reared on pasture where white clover grows – a plant commonly sown onto grazing land to reduce the […]

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  • Critical Review Confirms IPCC Assessment On Extreme Weather

    • Date: 04/06/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    “No sign that extreme weather events are getting worse” London, 4 June: A new review of the scientific literature on extreme weather events published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) confirms what IPCC assessment reports have concluded: There is little evidence of any significant changes in most indices. The paper, by physicist Dr Ralph Alexander, looks […]

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  • The Reassuring Facts About The Climate In 2019

    • Date: 26/05/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 26 May: 2019 saw the continuation of many climate trends, most of them unalarming and even reassuring. That’s the conclusion of a new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. According to the author, Professor Ole Humlum, although there has been a gentle warming in the last 40 years, storm activity is unchanged […]

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  • British MP Calls On Boris Johnson to Introduce ‘Competitive Scientific Advice’ & New Laws On Transparent Computer Coding

    • Date: 24/05/20
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    As the evidence is mounting that UK ministers and governments around the world have been relying on faulty Covid-19 modelling, Steve Baker, a senior Conservative MP, has called on Boris Johnson to institutionalise ‘competitive expert advice’ and a new law on computer coding transparency. Mr Baker’s call for a radical reform of the way the […]

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  • Scientists Discover That Coral Reefs Can Adapt To Warming Ocean Temps

    • Date: 22/05/20
    • Courthouse News Service

    (CN) — Some coral reefs are adapting to warming ocean temperatures by making their own sunscreen in the form of bright neon colors — a strategy which invites coral animals to return to reefs and is seen as a critical adaptation to maintain healthy coral reefs around the world. In a study published Thursday in […]

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  • Facebook Restricts PragerU’s Polar Bear Video And Limits The Reach Of Its Posts After Disputed Fact-Check

    • Date: 21/05/20
    • Reclaim the Net

    Facebook’s fact checkers have been accused of bias and using the feature as a censorship tool. Over the last couple of months, Facebook’s fact checkers have made a series of controversial and erroneous decisions which have resulted in genuine posts being hidden behind a “False Information” notice. And now, another disputed Facebook fact check has […]

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