• Global Warming Will Increase U.S. Crop Yields, New Study

    • Date: 24/05/18
    • Michigan State University

    Contrary to previous analyses, new research published by Michigan State University shows that projected changes in temperature and humidity will not lead to greater water use in corn. This means that while changes in temperatures and humidity trend as they have in the past 50 years, crop yields can not only survive – but thrive. Climate […]

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  • Marine Science Rebel Peter Ridd Sacked By James Cook University

    • Date: 20/05/18
    • Graham Lloyd, The Australian

    Peter Ridd has been sacked by James Cook University for speaking to The Australian and breaking a gag order to ­expose disciplinary action being taken against him after he criticised the quality of Great Barrier Reef ­science. Former James Cook University professor Peter Ridd. Picture: Cameron Laird. He  was also found to have broken an order that […]

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  • New Study Finds Variations In Global Warming Trend Are Caused By Oceans

    • Date: 16/05/18
    • University of Southampton

    New research has shown that natural variations in global mean temperature are always forced by changes in heat release and heat uptake by the oceans, in particular the heat release associated with evaporation. Analysing data from six climate models that simulated future climate change scenarios for the last International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Report, […]

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  • Discover The Truth: A New Blockchain Designed To Debunk Fake Climate News

    • Date: 09/05/18
    • Mike Lorrey, WattsUpWithThat

    Fact Checking Alarmist Fake News Now Easy With Trive We have seen over the past decade plus of the climate wars how the alarmist establishment has exploited its advantage in the halls of power and wealthy influence peddlers in Silicon Valley and the Left Coast to seek to do its best to propagandize, promote, filter, […]

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  • Climate Change Causes Beaches To Grow By 3,660 Square Kilometers

    • Date: 05/05/18

    Since 1984 humans have gushed forth 64% of our entire emissions from fossil fuels. (Fully 282,000 megatons of deplorable carbon “pollution”.) During this time, satellite images show that 24% of our beaches shrank, while 28% grew. Thus we can say that thanks to the carbon apocalypse there are 3,660 sq kms more global beaches now than […]

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  • Bad Weather Madness: 140 Children Sacrificed to Stop El Niño

    • Date: 01/05/18
    • The New York Times

    Archaeologists in northern Peru say they have found evidence of what could be one of the world’s largest single cases of child sacrifice. They were ritually killed to persuade the gods to make it stop raining. The pre-Columbian burial site, known as Las Llamas, contains the skeletons of 140 children who were between the ages of 5 and […]

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  • Adam Perkins: The Scientific Importance of Free Speech

    • Date: 26/04/18
    • Adam Perkins, Quillette

    Editor’s note: this is a shortened version of a speech that the author was due to give last month at King’s College London which was canceled because the university deemed the event to be too ‘high risk’. A quick Google search suggests that free speech is a regarded as an important virtue for a functional, enlightened society. […]

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  • Global Warming Likely to Be 30 to 45 Percent Lower Than Climate Models Project

    • Date: 25/04/18
    • Ronald Bailey, Reason Online

    A new study in the Journal of Climate compares global temperature data trends since 1850 with model outputs. Climate researchers have spent decades trying to pin down the planet’s equilibrium climate sensitivity. Also known by the initials ECS, that figure represents how much it would ultimately increase global average temperatures if the amount of carbon dioxide in the […]

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