• What’s Surprising About Hurricane Florence? It Thrived In ‘Abnormally Cool’ Waters

    • Date: 19/09/18
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    Even before Hurricane Florence barreled into the North Carolina coast, a misleading claim about the storm and global warming echoed across the internet. Florence made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane on Friday, but the day before, The New York Times published a video claiming the storm had formed in “unusually warm waters” in […]

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  • Al Gore’s Claim About Hurricane Florence Doused By Scientists

    • Date: 17/09/18
    • Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times

    Another climate-change claim by former Vice President Al Gore is coming under fire, this one involving Hurricane Florence. Mr. Gore said Friday that two major storms from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans had never made landfall at the same time, referring to Hurricane Florence, the Category 1 hurricane that struck North Carolina on Friday, and Super Typhoon Mangkhut, […]

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  • Did Thomas Kuhn Kill Truth?

    • Date: 15/09/18
    • David Kordahl, The New Atlantis

    A debate on the nature of truth turns into a squabble over whether the father of the “paradigm shift” threw an ashtray at Errol Morris’s head. In 2011, the filmmaker and writer Errol Morris published a series of five articles that may rank as the oddest production of his long and varied career. The first began like […]

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  • Arctic Icebreaker Encounters Most Difficult Ice Conditions In 15 Years

    • Date: 15/09/18
    • High North News

    A Swedish icebreaker on the way to the North Pole has encountered heavy ice conditions and had to stop just before the North Pole. The Swedish icebreaker Oden embarked to the North Pole from Svalbard last week but encountered difficult ice conditions not seen in one and a half decades. The captain of the Oden icebreaker described the ice […]

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  • Science As We Know It Is Dying — And So Is Academic Freedom

    • Date: 08/09/18
    • Theodore P. Hill, Quilette

    Half his board, he explained unhappily, had told him that unless he pulled the article, they would all resign and “harass the journal” he had founded 25 years earlier “until it died.” Faced with the loss of his own scientific legacy, he had capitulated.     In the highly controversial area of human intelligence, the […]

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  • Better Data Needed For Understanding The Sun’s Influence On Climate

    • Date: 06/09/18
    • T. Dudok de Wit, B. Funke, M. Haberreiter, and K. Matthes, EOS Earth & Space Science News

    Several international initiatives are working to stitch together data describing solar forcing of Earth’s climate. Their objective is to improve understanding of climate response to solar variability. A large sunspot observed by the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) satellite in the UV in September 2000. The solar magnetic field channels the hot and glowing […]

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  • Arctic Sea Ice Back To 2007 Levels

    • Date: 01/09/18
    • Ron Clutz, Science Matters

    Arctic sea ice is on pace to be close to last year and above those minima observed in 2015 and 2016. There are two more days to complete August, but these provisional results show what has happened.  July was a surprise with both MASIE and SII showing a monthly surplus to the 11-year average. August ice […]

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  • UN Appointed Climate Science Team Demands The End of Capitalism

    • Date: 29/08/18
    • Watts Up With That?

    A team of scientists appointed by the United Nations has reported that a free market system cannot provide the economic transition required to defeat climate change. Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise By Nafeez Ahmed Aug 28 2018, 1:40am A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need […]

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