• Global Sea Ice Extent Highest Since 1988

    • Date: 16/12/14
    • Sunshine Hours

    Global sea ice extent is the 4th highest since records began Full post

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  • Who Would Have Thought? Nature, Not Humans, Blamed For California’s Drought

    • Date: 09/12/14
    • Kurtis Alexander, SFGate

    California’s historic drought is the result of naturally changing ocean conditions, according to a new federal report that dismisses man-made climate change as the root cause.   The study, released Monday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific helped trigger a mass of high-pressure air along the West Coast — a […]

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  • Moderate Warming Would Be Beneficial, Even With More Heatwaves

    • Date: 08/12/14
    • Levi Winchester, Daily Express

    For every person who may die as a result of additional heat in the summer, ten people will be saved by rising temperatures in the winter. The likelihood of extreme heatwaves, such as the one in 2003 which led to tens of thousands of deaths across Europe, was previously thought to be once in every […]

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  • Stephen Hawking’s Habitual Doomsday Hype

    • Date: 07/12/14
    • Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News (2014) David Whitehouse, BBC News (2001)

    Stephen Hawking’s hyperbolic predictions of doomsday disasters had become increasingly wide-ranging and unreasonable over the years. Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence. He told the BBC: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the […]

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  • Re Typhoon Hagupit: Study Shows Tropical Storm Intensity Has Not Increased

    • Date: 06/12/14
    • Reporting Climate Science

    Despite predictions that global warming would lead to more powerful storms, a new study finds that there has been no increase in the intensity of tropical storms. This graphic, from the paper, shows tropical cyclone potential intensity trends (in metres per second per year) between 1980 and 2010 from three reanalysis products: a. MERRA; b. […]

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  • Scientists Accused Of Plotting To Get Pesticides Banned

    • Date: 03/12/14
    • Ben Webster, The Times

    Research blaming pesticides for the decline in honeybees has been called into question by a leaked note suggesting that scientists had decided in advance to seek evidence supporting a ban on the chemicals. The private note records a discussion in 2010 between four scientists about how to persuade regulators to ban neonicotinoid pesticides. The EU […]

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  • World Health Organisation Faulted for Willful Exaggeration

    • Date: 01/12/14
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    A new briefing paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation examines the World Health Organisation’s recent report on climate change and finds that its estimates of future mortality from global warming are grossly exaggerated. The WHO report predicted that climate change would bring about 250,000 extra deaths annually between 2030 and 2050, but relied upon […]

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  • Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

    • Date: 24/11/14
    • Becky Oskin, LiveScience

    Antarctica’s ice paradox has yet another puzzling layer. Not only is the amount of sea ice increasing each year, but an underwater robot now shows the ice is also much thicker than was previously thought, a new study reports. The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Jaguar, above, in the East Antarctic Sea, creating three-dimensional maps of […]

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