• Sea Level Rise Was A Constant Phenomenon Even Before Industrialisation, New Study Finds

    • Date: 03/03/20
    • International Business Times

    A study by the University of York found evidence for a period of enhanced pre-industrial sea-level rise of about 2-3 millimetres per year in three locations — Nova Scotia, Maine and Connecticut, which were largely natural, without any human constructions or man-made factors. These three locations are partly related to the North Atlantic Oscillation – […]

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  • Freeman Dyson, World-Renowned Physicist & GWPF Founding Member, Has Died Aged 96

    • Date: 28/02/20
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    Freeman Dyson, one of the world’s most eminent theoretical physicists, has died aged 96.  Born in England on 15 December 1923, Freeman Dyson graduated from Cambridge University in 1945 with a BA in mathematics. In 1947, he moved to the USA where he went to work at Cornell University and, later, at the Institute for Advanced Study […]

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  • Polar Bear Scientists May Be Hiding Good News

    • Date: 27/02/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 27 February: A prominent Canadian zoologist has suggested that scientists may be hiding a spate of good news on polar bears. In State of the Polar Bear Report 2019, published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) on International Polar Bear Day, Dr Susan Crockford explains publication of population counts for several Arctic regions have been long overdue. Data […]

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  • ‘Consensus’ Science & Risk Aversion Threatens Scientific Stagnation

    • Date: 26/02/20
    • National Review

    A new paper sheds light on how the U.S. science community discourages innovation. During the Cold War, when rivalry between the capitalist West and communist East shaped international affairs, nonaligned countries were labeled as Third World. A rather vague designation, it came to denote low-income countries with weak states and institutions. When the Soviet Union fell, […]

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  • No Raw Data, No Science: Another Possible Source Of The Reproducibility Crisis

    • Date: 21/02/20
    • Miyakawa, T. No raw data, no science: another possible source of the reproducibility crisis. Molecular Brain 13, 24 (2020)

    I propose that a lack of raw data or data fabrication is another possible cause of irreproducibility. Abstract: A reproducibility crisis is a situation where many scientific studies cannot be reproduced. Inappropriate practices of science, such as HARKing, p-hacking, and selective reporting of positive results, have been suggested as causes of irreproducibility. In this editorial, […]

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  • Beware The Eco-Stalinist Witch-Hunters: ‘We Should Make Her Unhirable In Academia’

    • Date: 09/02/20
    • Roger Pielke Jr., Forbes

    Several Skeptical Science team members have contacted me by email in the past hours with vaguely sinister but eminently deniable threats. I expect they will come after this column next. And if you hear that I have left academia, like Judith Curry, you’ll know why. A climate advocacy group called Skeptical Science hosts a list of academics that it […]

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  • Scientists Divided Over Impact Of Solar Minimum On Global Temperatures

    • Date: 02/02/20
    • The Sun

    Earth could face frosty weather and biting snow storms over the next 30 years as an ominous “solar minimum” grips the planet, a scientist has warned. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom – other experts believe that a Grand Solar Minimum will have little effect on our climate. The cold snaps – caused by […]

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  • 1901: Scientists Think Break-Off Of Antarctic Icebergs Due To Volcanic Activity

    • Date: 01/02/20
    • Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 - 1931), Saturday 14 December 1901, page 9

    In 1901, the Sydney’s Evening News reported that scientists believe the break-off of Antarctic icebergs from glaciers is linked to volcanic activity underneath the Antarctic Continent Icebergs in The Southern Ocean — Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 – 1931), Saturday 14 December 1901, page 9 OFFICERS of the New Zealand Shipping Company’s steamer Rimutaka lately […]

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