• Green Energy Prof Faces $600.000 Legal Fee Over Failed Attempt To Silence His Critics

    • Date: 10/07/20
    • Retraction Watch

    Stanford prof ordered to pay legal fees after dropping $10 million defamation case against another scientist A Stanford professor who sued a critic and a scientific journal for $10 million — then dropped the suit — has been ordered to pay the defendants’ legal fees based on a statute “designed to provide for early dismissal […]

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  • Instead Of Extinction, Antarctic Penguins Could Experience ‘Population Boom’ Due To Global Warming

    • Date: 29/06/20
    • Daily Mail

    Antarctic penguins could experience a ‘population boom’ due to global warming as melting sea ice means they have to spend less time foraging for food. Japanese scientists describe the Adélie species of penguin, which is native to Antarctica, as a ‘rare global warming winner’ thanks to melting ice. In low-ice conditions, penguins are able travel […]

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  • Apocalyptic Science: How The West Is Destroying Itself

    • Date: 27/06/20
    • Bruce Pardy, Financial Post

    The most serious threat to the West is not China or Russia but its visceral disgust with itself. A growing proportion of people — in universities, the media, politics and corporate structures — now reject the premises upon which their own thriving societies are built. If you live in a Western nation like Canada in […]

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  • Ross McKitrick: The Flaw In Relying On Worst-Case Climate Modelling

    • Date: 24/06/20
    • Ross McKitrick, Financial Post

    The purpose of global climate policy is to get us from the dangerous upper end of the forecast range down to the safe bottom end. In fact, we are already there. Whenever you read a media story about how we’re heading toward catastrophe if we continue operating “business as usual” — i.e., if we don’t […]

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  • Model Failures: Inflated Pandemic Estimates Weaken Climate Forecasts

    • Date: 17/06/20
    • Adam Creighton, The Australian

    It’s remarkable we put so much faith in expert models, given their history of failure. Tony Abbott’s suspicion that climate change modelling was “absolute crap” soon will resonate more broadly — so spectacularly bad was expert modelling of the spread and lethality of the coronavirus, faith in all modelling must surely suffer. Why trust the experts to […]

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  • New Study: Islands Across the World Could Adapt To Rising Sea Levels

    • Date: 11/06/20
    • University of Plymouth

    Coral reef islands across the world could naturally adapt to survive the impact of rising sea levels, according to new research. The increased flooding caused by the changing global climate has been predicted to render such communities – where sandy or gravel islands sit on top of coral reef platforms – uninhabitable within decades. However, […]

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  • New ‘Sun Clock’ Reveals That Solar Activity Turns Off And On With Surprising Precision

    • Date: 11/06/20
    • NCAR/UCAR News

    Clock paints picture of a more orderly, predictable Sun Solar scientists have taken a mathematical technique used by Earth scientists to analyze cyclic phenomena, such as the ebb and flow of ocean tides, and applied it to the confounding irregularity of cycles on the Sun. The result is an elegant “Sun clock” that shows that […]

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  • New Study: Climate Impact Of Grazing Cattle Overestimated

    • Date: 05/06/20
    • Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor

    The climate impact of grass-fed cattle may have been exaggerated as scientists find emissions of a powerful greenhouse gas from certain types of pasture are lower than previously thought. Researchers from Rothamsted Research found urine from animals reared on pasture where white clover grows – a plant commonly sown onto grazing land to reduce the […]

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