• Modelling Catastrophe In A Climate Of Fear

    • Date: 20/04/20
    • Jaime Jessop, Climate Scepticism

    “The government have ramped up the level of fear to a point where it’s very hard for people to hear the messages about ‘this is the way out’.”  Our house is on fire. I am here to say, our house is on fire.” “We are facing a disaster of unspoken sufferings for enormous amounts of […]

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  • This Crisis Exposes The Hollow Fantasies Of Greta And Extinction Rebellion

    • Date: 15/04/20
    • Tim Worstall, CapX

    There are few silver linings to the current ghastly pandemic. But one of the benefits is we’re testing the St Greta method of beating climate change and not liking it very much at all. How glorious it is that the demands of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion are coming true. We are putting a significant […]

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  • Has Climate Hysteria Been Defeated For Good?

    • Date: 11/04/20
    • Geoff Chambers, Climate Scepticism

    Have we won? By that I mean, has climate hysteria finally been defeated, and will it be replaced by sensible, rational, evidence-based policies for dealing with changes in the climate, or any other natural process which may or may not be caused by human activity? Richard’s article two weeks ago based on an article by Jason […]

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  • Coronavirus Lessons From the Asteroid That Didn’t Hit Earth

    • Date: 02/04/20
    • Benny Peiser and Andrew Montford, The Wall Street Journal

    Scary projections based on faulty data can put policy makers under pressure to adopt draconian measures. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically demonstrated the limits of scientific modeling to predict the future. The most consequential coronavirus model, produced by a team at Imperial College London, tipped the British government, which had until then pursued a cautious strategy, […]

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  • Goodbye, Green New Deal

    • Date: 29/03/20
    • Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

    What will happen next with the coronavirus epidemic is unknown, but it seems certain to claim one very high-profile victim: the so-called Green New Deal. Good riddance. The current crisis in the U.S. economy is, in miniature but concentrated form, precisely what the Left has in mind in response to climate change: shutting down large sectors […]

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  • Covid-19: A Glimpse of the Dystopia Greens Want Us to Live In

    • Date: 27/03/20
    • Brendan O'Neill, Spiked

    This pandemic has shown us what life would be like if environmentalists got their way. Greens just can’t help themselves. As the rest of us do what we can to tackle or withstand the Covid-19 crisis, they treat it as a sign, a warning from nature, a telling-off to hubristic, destructive mankind. The speed with which […]

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  • U.S. Democrats Block COVID-19 Rescue Package Over Renewable Subsidies

    • Date: 24/03/20
    • Mike Palicz, Real Clear Energy

    As businesses across the country shutter their doors and millions of Americans put their jobs and lives on hold to battle the Coronavirus, Senate Democrats are blocking a federal relief package because it insufficiently addresses climate change. Senate Democrats voted three separate times within 24 hours to block a procedural vote allowing debate on a […]

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  • United States Warned About Internationally Mandated “Coronavirus Economy’ In The Name Of Paris

    • Date: 23/03/20
    • Chris Horner and Benny Peiser, The Washington Times

    Why the America must pay attention to developments in Europe in the name of climate change The United States should pay close attention to developments in Europe, beyond their governments’ response to the COVID-19 virus. Other contagions loom. For example, we now see proof that the retrenchment embodied by the current “coronavirus economy” could become […]

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