• The BBC’s Very Selective Regret

    • Date: 28/10/17
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    You can safely bet that the BBC will never apologise for grotesque breaches of its legal obligation to report only with “accuracy and impartiality” when it comes to green energy. The BBC last week won headlines for its “apology” that an interviewer on Radio Four’s Today programme had failed to challenge a rather reckless claim by […]

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  • Bjorn Lomborg: The Global Paris Climate Failure

    • Date: 28/10/17
    • Bjorn Lomborg, New York Daily News

    President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord prompted a resolute response from other world leaders: The deal would go ahead without the U.S.A. But the threat to climate success doesn’t just come from Trump’s White House ignoring climate change. It also comes from leaders left in the Paris accord, who are unwilling to […]

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  • Energy Customers Foot The Bill For Failed Climate Policy

    • Date: 27/10/17
    • John Constable, The Times

    “Government has got into the business of ‘picking winners’. Unfortunately, losers are good at picking governments.” Subsidies to renewable electricity in the UK cost £5 billion a year at present and will rise to more than £8 billion a year by 2020, all drawn from the bills of domestic and business consumers. One third of […]

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  • Climate Alarmists Use the Acid-Rain Playbook

    • Date: 26/10/17
    • Rupert Darwall, The Wall Street Journal

    The parallels between the two environmental frenzies are many, but the stakes are much higher now. A majority of scientists might say a scientific theory is true, but that doesn’t mean the consensus is reliable. The science underpinning environmental claims can be fundamentally wrong—as it was in one of the biggest environmental scares in recent […]

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  • The BBC’s Green Journalism

    • Date: 25/10/17
    • Andrew Montford

    With weary inevitability, the BBC has decided that it is going to issue an apology after a sceptic – Nigel Lawson in this case – was allowed a rare opportunity to state their case on the airwaves.  This is starting to be something of a ritual for the corporation. Once in a month of Sundays, a […]

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  • Matt Ridley: War Against Chemicals Is A Shame On Science

    • Date: 23/10/17
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    The glyphosate story is a scandal, of the kind that would be front-page news if it happened in industry, rather than a branch of WHO. But the BBC has not covered the Reuters story. Bad news is always more newsworthy than good. The widely reported finding that insect abundance is down by 75 per cent […]

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  • Green Suicide Down Under: Turnbull’s Energy Policy An Election Death Warrant

    • Date: 21/10/17
    • Peta Credlin, Daily Telegraph

    Malcolm Turnbull had one shot left in the leadership locker and he blew it. The mere fact that Labor say they’ll support his new energy policy is enough for ordinary Australians to know it’s more about his personal climate change obsessions than them, their power bills and making ends meet. Recasting Australia’s energy future with […]

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  • Nice Try, But Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee Fails The Test

    • Date: 21/10/17
    • Chris Kenny, The Australian

    Climate and energy policy, in my view, is an area where the major parties, bureaucracy, media and even most industry groups are out of step with the practical concerns and common sense of the mainstream. Here are the politically correct, morally vain views of the so-called elites coalescing around post-material goals that can only damage […]

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