• After the Pandemic: Our Data-Driven Future Awaits

    • Date: 23/06/20
    • Silvio Laccetti and Frank Bell III, Issues & Insights

    We all wonder what long-range effects the coronavirus pandemic will have on human society.  Well, if history is any guide, we may be headed for explosive life-changing developments. The Black Plague was followed a generation later by the world of the Renaissance . Our new world will be Data World. Artificial Intelligence and the Transformation […]

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  • Tilak Doshi: The IEA’s Sustainable Recovery Plan Is Unsustainable

    • Date: 22/06/20
    • Tilak Doshi, Forbes

    “Green” recovery programs may be all the rage among government planners in Western Europe, the UK and in Democrat-held states in the US. For governments in developing countries, the IEA’s “sustainable recovery plan” is anything but sustainable.  Governments of the world, take note. The International Energy Agency has a plan for you. If you take […]

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  • What Impact Will the Covid-19 Crisis Have on the Green Movement?

    • Date: 22/06/20
    • The New Culture Forum Channel

    We are told that as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, the world is currently experiencing a cleaner environment — but how far will the Coronavirus crisis actually effect the “Green movement”? Or, to put it another way, will the world see more or fewer Greta Thunbergs? Joining Peter Whittle on this week’s #NCFCounterCulture panel […]

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  • Europe’s Green Deal Is A Rotten Deal For Farmers

    • Date: 14/06/20
    • Marcus Holtkoetter, Farm Journal Ag Web

    For farmers – and everybody – the European Green Deal is a rotten deal. The European Commission has a plan to eliminate modern farming in Europe. The details emerged last month, as part of a “European Green Deal” announced late last year that calls for the continent to become “climate neutral” by 2050. The commission […]

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  • Ed West: Why The Rich Are Revolting

    • Date: 13/06/20
    • Ed West, UnHerd

    The Great Awokening and the 2020 protests are the product of growing radicalisation among the upper-middle-class “That strange revolution which sees the sons of the bourgeois throw cobblestones at the sons of proletarians.” So observed the French writer Jean Cau of Paris in 1968, when student protests about living conditions at the university erupted into a historic […]

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  • Francis Menton: Reality Is Gradually Catching Up To Green Energy

    • Date: 10/06/20
    • Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian

    Read enough of this green stuff and you gradually realize that almost everything you read about supposed solutions to climate change is completely delusional. If you dutifully read your U.S. mainstream media, you undoubtedly have the impression that “clean” and “green” energy is rapidly sweeping all before it, and soon will supplant fossil fuels in […]

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  • Not Now Greta, We Are Trying To Save The Global Economy

    • Date: 09/06/20
    • Matthew Lynn, The Daily Telegraph

    We are plunging into the worst recession in a century or more. Economies are in lockdown. Trade is collapsing, businesses are going bust, and with interest rates already at zero, and sometimes even less, there is not much ammunition left to fight that. You might think running a central bank was already pretty hard right now. […]

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  • The Coming Dark Age & The Death Of The Scientific Method

    • Date: 30/05/20
    • Gideon Rozner, The Australian

    An academic who doesn’t have the ability to challenge the research findings of their colleagues because those questions threaten the university’s funding doesn’t have intellectual freedom. And if academics know they could get sacked, as Peter Ridd was, for asking uncomfortable questions, they will stop asking uncomfortable questions. A court case this week in front […]

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