• Peter Foster: The IEA’s solar spin cycle

    • Date: 28/10/20
    • Peter Foster, Financial Post

    Sorry folks, the world will still be overwhelmingly fossil-fuelled in 2030 Every year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) produces a World Energy Outlook (WEO) that tries to obscure the fact that the great green transition isn’t happening. Every year it tries to spin a bright future for wind and solar by using upbeat language, dodgy […]

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  • Chris Horner: We really might always have Paris

    • Date: 24/10/20
    • Christopher Horner, The Pipeline

    If the U.S. ‘re-joins’ the Paris climate treaty America’s energy and economic policy will become subject to a U.N. climate “conciliation commission.” It now appears  possible, should Joe Biden win the upcoming election, that as soon as January the United States will rejoin the 2015 Paris climate agreement, which commits us to adopt the “Green New Deal” […]

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  • Joakim Book: Climate Catastrophism and a Sensible Environmentalism

    • Date: 22/10/20
    • Joakim Book, American Institute for Economic Research

    How to do environmentalism, and how not to do environmentalism A tragic dissonance has emerged in most popular climate arguments: a childlike refusal of accepting the lesser of two evils, of trading off one goal for another. The more ardently you push climate policies, it seems, the more strongly you hold romantic and unrealistic beliefs about how we can […]

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  • Tilak Doshi: A realistic look at China’s greenwashing

    • Date: 19/10/20
    • Tilak Doshi, Forbes

    While China talks a good game on climate change, for the Chinese Communist Party, staying in power is its highest priority. President Xi Jinping recently told the UN General Assembly that China aims for carbon neutrality by 2060, in addition to its previous target to hit peak carbon emissions by 2030 which it promised for the […]

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  • How is Britain’s Most Efficient Windfarm Doing?

    • Date: 14/10/20
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    The UK’s most efficient* offshore windfarm is Kentish Flats, owned by the nationalised Swedish conglomerate Vattenfall, and situated just outside the Thames estuary, north of Whitstable. Its low costs are due to the very shallow waters in which it sits. Strangely, being part of an industry that claims to be enjoying rapidly declining costs, Kentish […]

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  • Tilak Doshi: The West Intends Energy Suicide: Will It Succeed?

    • Date: 11/10/20
    • Tilak Doshi, Forbes

    There is nothing theoretical about the unstoppable force of climate alarmism meeting the immoveable object of people’s attachment to their accustomed material standards of living. Suicide is viewed as a crime in many countries. In a court of law, it is a serious charge and the evidence needs to be conclusive for such an accusation […]

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  • New Wind Subsidy Scandal Three Times Worse Than ‘Cash for Ash’

    • Date: 10/10/20
    • Daily Mail

    The Mail’s revelations raise disturbing questions for First Minister Arlene Foster, who was energy minister of the Northern Ireland government at the time the bonanza subsidy rate was set in 2009.  Mrs Foster, pictured, also presided over the similar ‘Cash for Ash’ scandal, which brought down her government in 2017.  That flawed green scheme, called […]

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  • California’s Blackouts Show Nuclear’s Importance

    • Date: 01/10/20
    • Sam Rutzick, Real Clear Energy

    Renewable energy, as it stands, cannot work as an independent power source without nuclear power.  If California were an independent nation, it would have the fifth-largest economy in the world. With a GDP of $3.2 trillion, it would sit just behind Germany and just ahead of India. It’s the home of Hollywood, one of the […]

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