• Does Britain really wants to go to war for the climate?

    • Date: 04/05/21
    • Ben Pile, Spiked

    The British defence establishment is spoiling to become the global climate police. Senior politicians and officials seem to be carving out a new green role for Britain’s armed forces and so-called ‘intelligence’ agencies. According to these reports, troops and spies could soon be doing Gaia’s work… protecting the Amazon from loggers, and covertly monitoring emissions from China’s factories […]

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  • Matthew Crawford: How science has been corrupted

    • Date: 02/05/21
    • Matthew Crawford, Unherd

    Like other forms of demagogy, scientism presents stylised facts and a curated picture of reality. In doing so, it may generate fears strong enough to render democratic principles moot. Science as authority In 1633, Galileo was brought before the Inquisition for his demonstration that the earth is not fixed but revolves around the sun. This […]

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  • Ross Clark: Blairite climate targets will kill off support for the Tories’ green agenda

    • Date: 28/04/21
    • Ross Clark, The Daily Telegraph

    If the Government wants to avoid falling victim to a huge public backlash once the cost of its zero carbon promises become apparent, it should be setting realistic targets.  A Conservative Prime Minister who has renounced his former climate change scepticism, toughened Britain’s targets for reducing carbon emissions and thrown every effort into promoting the […]

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  • Andrew Montford: Net Zero is a disaster waiting to happen

    • Date: 26/04/21
    • Andrew Montford, The Daily Telegraph

    Eye-wateringly expensive, and promising unreliable energy, decarbonisation is a dangerous daydream You can almost smell the change in the air. A growing number of influential voices are beginning to ask the questions that everyone has been avoiding for the last few years. Can we really nudge people into accepting net zero –the decarbonisation of the […]

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  • Douglas Murray: The climate extremists will never be satisfied

    • Date: 24/04/21
    • The Daily Telegraph

    No policy, not matter how damaging to ordinary life, will ever be enough to appease the cult of St Greta I don’t know how you chose to celebrate “Earth Day” on Thursday. But in London the protesters from Extinction Rebellion (XR) decided to mark it by shattering windows at Canary Wharf. The group of women specifically […]

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  • Boris’s Net Zero gamble risks fuelling a new Brexit-style revolt against the elite

    • Date: 22/04/21
    • Allister Heath, The Daily Telegraph

    A botched anti-consumer Net Zero agenda will infuriate the very voters that propelled Johnson to No 10 and create space for a Brexit-style party focusing on a new set of issues. Like Saturn, revolutions have a habit of devouring their children. Boris Johnson should beware: the biggest danger to his historic project to rebuild Britain […]

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  • Richard Lindzen & Will Happer: Climate ‘Emergency’? Not So Fast

    • Date: 18/04/21
    • Richard Lindzen & William Happer, National Review

    Americans should not be stampeded into a disastrous climate crusade. By obligating the United States once more to the Paris agreement, and by signaling very clearly that “climate” will be central to its policies, the Biden administration has joined other governments in the crusade against a supposed “climate emergency.” We use the word “crusade” advisedly, since […]

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  • Ross Clark: Net Zero’s spiralling costs will hit the poorest hardest

    • Date: 06/04/21
    • Ross Clark, The Daily Telegraph

    As a lofty political idea, Net Zero has generated public support in the short term – but it could yet prove a devastating hostage to fortune as the full costs become apparent. How politically rewarding it must have seemed for Theresa May in one of her final acts as Prime Minister to amend the Climate Change […]

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