• Trump: Dependence on Russian Gas is a Security Threat

    • Date: 13/07/18
    • James Delingpole, Breitbart

    President Trump has warned at a NATO summit that German dependence on Russian gas poses a major security threat to the West. It’s about time somebody said it! This problem has been brewing for decades. In fact it goes right back to the communist era of the Soviet Union, when the Russians saw the burgeoning green movement […]

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  • Green Energy Campaign Has Been a Humanitarian Disaster

    • Date: 12/07/18
    • Sara Morrison, Propublica

    Millions of lives were at stake. Hillary Clinton was on board. Money poured in. And yet the big aims behind an effort to tackle the plague of third-world cooking fires has produced only modest gains. For many decades, it was one of the globe’s most underappreciated health menaces:  household pollution in developing countries, much of […]

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  • Pruitt leaves ‘a positive legacy’

    • Date: 10/07/18
    • Henry I. Miller, Fox News

    Scott Pruitt, who lost his job as head of the Environmental Protection Agency last week after a flood of complaints and investigations regarding his conduct and ethics, nevertheless accomplished a great deal to institute needed reforms at the agency and roll back harmful and counterproductive over-regulation. Whatever you think of how Pruitt conducted himself personally, […]

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  • Dark Ages: Scientists Are Being Purged From Universities For Doing Science

    • Date: 09/07/18
    • Heather Heying, The Wall Street Journal

    The postmodernist left on campus is intolerant not only of opposing views, but of science itself. Who would have guessed that when America cleaved, the left would get the National Football League and the right would get uncontested custody of science? The revolution on college campuses, which seeks to eradicate individuals and ideas that are […]

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  • WSJ: Pruitt Drowns In The Swamp

    • Date: 06/07/18
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    Chalk one up for the swamp. The permanent progressive state finally ran Scott Pruitt out of the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, and the tragedy is that Mr. Pruitt gave his enemies so much ammunition. President Trump announced on Twitter Thursday afternoon that he had accepted Mr. Pruitt’s resignation. Mr. Pruitt cited the “unrelenting attacks on me […]

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  • Mikko Paunio: This Philosopher Of Waste Hasn’t Done His Homework

    • Date: 05/07/18
    • Mikko Paunio

    Peter Jones, a waste management consultant, has launched a strange attack on my GWPF report “Save the Oceans – Stop Recycling Plastic”. There are indications in Jones’ analysis of my text that he has not thought through his response. On me Jones elaborates the strange idea that I am part of some kind of Brexit conspiracy dreamt […]

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  • Kelly McParland: The Climate Religion Seems Set For A Crisis

    • Date: 04/07/18
    • Kelly McParland, National Post

    It’s hard to keep the flock under control if the high priests can’t be trusted. When the priesthood is discredited, the religion itself suffers. Jerry Brown was castigating the current resident of the White House the other day for his attitude towards climate change. “I don’t think President Trump has a fear of the Lord, the fear […]

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  • Tony Abbott: Time For Australia To Pull Out Of Paris

    • Date: 03/07/18
    • The Hon Tony Abbott MP

    2018 Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture — Australian Environment Foundation, 3 July 2018 It takes character to do what’s right and it takes courage to disagree with your peers. On this score, Bob Carter was a good and brave man whose memory we should honour and whose example we should strive to emulate. As Professor Carter found, […]

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