• We Need More Heretics To Question The New Religion On Tackling Climate Change

    • Date: 24/11/18
    • Cormac Lucey, The Sunday Times

    How should a sensible conservative view climate change? I have several concerns: the air of hysteria used to promote it as a cause; the science behind it; the remedies that are proposed to stem it; and the cost of those remedies. First, I am somewhat sceptical about the ideology of climate change, the phenomenon formerly […]

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  • ‘A Form Of Violence’?

    • Date: 23/11/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    Some climate scientists still struggle to cope with people who disagree So a few days back, Cliff Mass – a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington as well as a radio weatherman – decided to write something about the wildfires in California, and in particular, the question of whether climate change had […]

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  • You Did Say Your Costs Had Been “Slashed” Didn’t You?

    • Date: 21/11/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    If costs really have gone down, windfarm operators will take subsidy cuts in their stride In the Times this morning, energy correspondent Emily Gosden reports on the latest news from the UK’s capacity market (link £): The government has slashed the financial support on offer for new offshore wind farms, forcing developers to find further […]

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  • Monbiot’s disaster journalism

    • Date: 20/11/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    I once appeared on the Jeremy Vine show opposite the Guardian columnist George Monbiot, who made some surprising claims about drought in East Africa, which he said had been getting worse for decades. Shortly after the show, I did some digging and failed to turn up anything that would support his view. I was reminded […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Why Is It So Cool to Be Gloomy?

    • Date: 17/11/18
    • Matt Ridley, The Wall Street Journal

    The world is in better shape than most people think, but we’re more inclined to focus on bad news than good. Psychology can help explain why. Has the percentage of the world population that lives in extreme poverty almost doubled, almost halved or stayed the same over the past 20 years? When the Swedish statistician […]

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  • Champagne day at Drax

    • Date: 16/11/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    If we are going to burn more wood, who will see the benefits? The Committee on Climate Change, the government’s advisers on how to achieve its carbon budgets, published a pair of reports yesterday – one on the use of biomass and one on the related subject of land use.  There are some remarkable points […]

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  • Another Doomsday Climate Model Flunks A Math Test

    • Date: 15/11/18
    • Editorial, Investor's Business Daily

    In their mad dash to prove their global warming bona fides, major media have simply thrown skepticism out the window. What’s left is climate religion. Everyone makes mistakes, but some mistakes are bigger than others. That’s the case with a recent study based on a climate model that claimed the oceans had retained 60% more […]

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  • What’s Next for U.S. Climate and Energy Policies?

    • Date: 12/11/18
    • Paul Driessen, Townhall

    The “Blue Wave” never really reached shore, the U.S. Senate is still in Republican hands, the House of Representatives flipped to Democratic control, Trump era deregulation and fossil fuel production efforts continue, several governorships and state houses went from red to blue – and almost all state renewable energy and carbon tax ballot initiatives went […]

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