• Copenhagen will fail – and quite right too

    • Date: 22/11/09

    Nigel Lawson – The Times, 23 November 2009 Exactly a fortnight from today, the United Nations climate change conference opens in Copenhagen. Its purpose is (or was) clear: to agree a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Under Kyoto, all those developed nations that ratified the treaty (all, in practice, except the […]

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  • Apocalypse fatigue: Losing the public on climate change

    • Date: 19/11/09

    Last month, the Pew Research Center released its latest poll of public attitudes on global warming. On its face, the news was not good: Belief that global warming is occurring had declined from 71 percent in April of 2008 to 56 percent in October — an astonishing drop in just 18 months. The belief that […]

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  • Defects in Key Climate Data are Uncovered

    • Date: 01/10/09

    Beginning in 2003, I worked with Stephen McIntyre to replicate a famous result in paleoclimatology known as the Hockey Stick graph. Developed by a U.S. climatologist named Michael Mann, it was a statistical compilation of tree ring data supposedly proving that air temperatures had been stable for 900 years, then soared off the charts in […]

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