• How Climate Alarmists Killed Their Own U.N. Conference in Chile

    • Date: 04/11/19
    • James Taylor, The Epoch Times

    After all the pain Chile’s climate programs imposed on the Chilean people, it is only fitting that the United Nations should have to look elsewhere to host their conference. Riots in Chile forced Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to announce on that Chile could no longer host a United Nations climate conference scheduled for December. Climate activists are […]

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  • Tech Giants Have Hijacked the Web. It’s Time For A Reboot

    • Date: 27/10/19
    • Paul Vigna, The Wall Street Journal

    While Washington looks to combat online monopolies, some innovators are developing new internet platforms to prevent monopolies from forming in the future Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said, in a speech last week at Georgetown University, that his social media megacorp and its Big Tech peers “have decentralized power by putting it directly into people’s hands.” That sounds comforting […]

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  • Joel Kotkin: Prepare For Climate Stalinism

    • Date: 26/10/19
    • Joel Kotin, City Journal

    Climate activists increasingly embrace post-democratic notions. The Left’s fixation on climate change is cloaked in scientism, deploying computer models to create the illusion of certainty. Ever more convinced of their role as planetary saviors, radical greens are increasingly intolerant of dissent or any questioning of their policy agenda. They embrace a sort of “soft Stalinism,” driven by […]

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  • Miranda Devine: Eco Madness May Be The Reason For Disastrous Boeing 737 MAX Crash

    • Date: 24/10/19
    • Miranda Devine, New York Post

    We need to know if safety considerations at Boeing took a back seat to producing a climate-friendly plane.  When Swedish eco-pessimist Greta Thunberg came to New York to shout, “How dare you!” last month, she maintained her climate purity by traveling on a carbon-neutral, solar-powered yacht. Now that she’s in Canada, the teen doomsayer hasn’t explained how […]

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  • This Rebellion Risks Its Own Extinction

    • Date: 20/10/19
    • The Times

    There comes a moment for every protest movement when, instead of carrying the public with them, they alienate those that they are trying to persuade. For the climate protesters of Extinction Rebellion (XR), that moment may have been reached when it targeted three east London Tube stations, Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell, during Thursday morning’s […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: Behind Science’s Mask, Extinction Rebellion Is A Doomsday Cult

    • Date: 13/10/19
    • Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times

    Politicians must stop pandering to the ‘crusties’ bringing havoc to London When rebels try to seize control of their country, it is traditional to begin by taking over the state broadcaster. Perhaps it is in that context that we should view the siege of New Broadcasting House on Friday by the rebels of Extinction Rebellion (XR). […]

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  • The Electric-Vehicle Subsidy Racket

    • Date: 12/10/19
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    The $7,500 tax credit is going to many buyers who don’t qualify. Federal subsidies for electric vehicles are an income transfer to the affluent, and now comes news that significant numbers don’t qualify. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (Tigta) in late September reported that the feds handed out nearly $74 million to undeserving […]

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  • Madeline Grant: We Should Reject Extinction Rebellion’s Brand Of Neo-Puritanism

    • Date: 08/10/19
    • Madeline Grant, The Daily Telegraph

    We should treat their warnings of imminent catastrophe with scepticism There were decent citizens, concerned about the future of the planet, among the thousands of activists who took to the streets yesterday for Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) climate strike. Yet the organisation they represent has become increasingly irrational, uncompromising and extreme. Their latest bout of demonstrations includes disrupting […]

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