• Ross Clark: Why is there always a round of climate scaremongering after the weather changes?

    • Date: 27/02/21
    • Ross Clark, The Daily Telegraph

    Whether it’s floods or a drought, snowfall or no snow ever again, there’s always a prediction about the impending doom of climate change Had we not had a cold spell a couple of weeks ago I doubt many people would have got to hear about a paper in the journal Nature Geoscience claiming that something […]

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  • Terence Corcoran: When the ice storm cometh

    • Date: 21/02/21
    • Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

    Texas crisis will reshape energy policy-making everywhere as wind-power collapse puts renewables under scrutiny. The North American energy policy community, a space already filled with plenty of hot air streaming in from the global warming conflict, now faces a new jet stream of cold winds blowing down via the polar vortex. There’s no point getting […]

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  • Biden’s Economy Will Be a Train Wreck

    • Date: 18/02/21
    • Rupert Darwall, RealClear Energy

    Green policies risk the return of inflation Warning lights should be flashing. Less than a month in, it’s becoming evident that President Joe Biden’s economic policies are likely to end in disaster. The wrong economic diagnosis and the politics of not letting any crisis go to waste is leading to the most damaging mix of […]

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  • The New Dark Age: The self-destruction of an energy superpower

    • Date: 17/02/21
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    On present trend, this week’s Texas fiasco is coming soon to a cold winter or hot summer near you. Why are millions of Americans in the nation’s most energy-rich state without power and heat for days amid extreme winter weather? “The people who have fallen short with regard to the power are the private power […]

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  • A deep green freeze: An existential threat to America’s future

    • Date: 16/02/21
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    The Biden Administration’s plan to banish fossil fuels is a greater existential threat to Americans than climate change. Gas and power prices have spiked across the central U.S. while Texas regulators ordered rolling blackouts Monday as an Arctic blast has frozen wind turbines. Herein is the paradox of the left’s climate agenda: The less we […]

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  • The elitism lurking at the heart of the green movement

    • Date: 10/02/21
    • Brendan O'Neill, The Spectator

    There’s a movement in the UK that is trying to block the building of essential new council housing. It is also agitating to stop the opening of a new coal mine, which would deprive working men and women of a good, honest way to make a living. What is this movement? A neo-Thatcherite organisation, perhaps, hell-bent […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: It’s sheer madness to import the coal essential for our steel industry when we can produce it ourselves

    • Date: 08/02/21
    • Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

    There is a real political problem for the Prime Minister, simultaneously committed both to addressing the concerns of such ‘left-behind’ parts of the country and to move Britain away from the ‘high-carbon’ manufacturing methods that have been at the heart of the Northern and Midlands economy. Political civil war has broken out in the Johnson […]

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  • How to avoid a climate disaster — the Bill Gates way

    • Date: 06/02/21
    • Tilak Doshi, Forbes

    Bill Gates appeals to a world whose imminent end he prophesizes. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and one of the world’s richest men and philanthropists, has written a new book that hits the stores on February 16th. Unlike his two previous books, this one is not about software and the digital revolution. Mr. Gates’ new book covers […]

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